Moto Garage

 Unit 2, Lot 10/133 South Pine Road,
Queensland 4500

 0412 744 710

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Description: Professional and exceptional service for all makes and models of motorcycle. Specialised in Japanese, European and Dirt bikes. Remarkable skills in DYNO tuning with over 20 years experience. Woolich ECU. Tuneboy. Power commander. Power vision. RapidBike.


When Moto Garage receives a good(s)/item(s) for repair, service or tuning, we assume the owner will arrange with Moto Garage the details of collection of good(s)/item(s) or make alternative arrangements or arrange for shipment, very shortly after the date on which they were notified of the completion. We do not have enough room to store good(s)/item(s). Goods(s)/item(s) that are left here are continually in the way and are subject to damage and degradation as they are continually moved around to make way for ongoing activity.

Good(s)/item(s) for which collection or shipping arrangements have not been made, or where the good(s)/item(s) is not otherwise picked up within 7 days of the completion date (even though it has been paid for) are subject to a daily storage fee.

The owner forfeits the good(s)/item(s) and any payments made when the storage fees reach the sale price of the good(s)/item(s) or at 90 days of storage, whichever comes first. No money will be returned for forfeited good(s)/item(s). Good(s)/item(s) are subject to disposal at Moto Garage’s discretion. Forfeited good(s)/item(s) will still carry the storage fee and the owner is still liable for payment.

For good(s)/item(s) that have incurred storage fees, full payment of the fees is required for the good(s)/item(s) to be dispatched or released for pickup. If you think you may have reason for delayed pickup, contact us in advance to get an estimate of the cost or arrange alternatives.

Moto Garage hate to have to institute this policy but unclaimed good(s)/item(s) are consuming our precious limited storage space that we have to pay dearly for.

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