Meet the new Californias!

The wait is nearly over! Moto Guzzi Australia are happy to put an end to months of speculation by confirming that the much anticipated new Moto Guzzi California 1400 Audace and Eldorado are destined for Australia and will arrive in August.

Both NEW California 1400 models were met with immense enthusiasm and admiration at their initial showing during EICMA 2014. Since that time, the anticipation to their Australian availability has been building with eager future owners of these iconic motorcycles.

Both the Audace and Eldorado feature as standard equipment, the highly acclaimed 1400cc engine accompanied by all the technology you could ever desire: ride by wire, switchable engine mapping, and cruise control, ABS and traction control. Also standard on both new models is the distinguished craftsmanship that only the brand from Mandello Del Lario has been producing since 1921.

Moto Guzzi California 1400 Audace
Even just a cursory glance of the Moto Guzzi California 1400 Audace conjures thoughts of a rebellious, fierce, muscular and soulful motorcycle. Moto Guzzi have once again ‘chanced the rapids’ with the design of the new Audace, and by doing so, have set this motorcycle apart from its rivals whilst reflecting the rebellious spirit of the Italian brand.

Ostentatious, dark and angry the California 1400 Audace can be picked out immediately by its distinctive circular headlight, carbon mudguard mounted on a fork without any telescopic covering minimalist mirrors and alloy wheels. Standing apart from the other models in the range the California 1400 Audace channels its inner darkness with each and every mechanical detail being blacked out and as dark a midnight sky. On such a dark backdrop the prestigious Moto Guzzi and

California badges stand out in sheer contrast with the omission of all chrome elements.

A short megaphone exhaust with die cast aluminium support flange has been designed to complete the outlaw appearance of the California 1400 Audace. The new design of the exhaust has allowed for an increase in torque of 121 Nm at 3,000

RPM… the result a light and powerful beast that has the ability to rule.

A more sport oriented seating position has been created for the rider with a redesigned saddle which offers a lower seating position, drag handlebars and forward foot pegs. Together these elements create the appearance of sheer domination!

The powerful and aggressive California 1400 Audace will be available in Nero Travolgente at $23.5K Ride Away.

Moto Guzzi California 1400 Eldorado
The year was 1972 when the legendary California 850 Eldorado replaced the California 757 Ambassador bringing further refinement and luxury to the Moto Guzzi California range. Some forty years on and Moto Guzzi have re-introduced the Moto Guzzi California Eldorado which has once again brought with it a further evolution of refinement and luxury.

The new California 1400 Eldorado, in homage of its forefather, embraces spoked wheels, oversized saddle, gem-shaped taillight and bullhorn handlebars which all combine to make the Eldorado stand out on the open road. The unique identity of this motorcycle is further highlighted by the fuel tank which features a tear drop motif complete with chrome details and two white coach lines.

You don’t just climb onto the Eldorado. Instead you settle comfortably into the new saddle and together with the generous floorboard, tapered handlebars and passenger grab rail make the new California 1400 Eldorado the perfect travelling companion on the long and open roads. All new wrap around mudguards cling tightly to the whitewall tyres generating an image which casts you back to year of American Graffiti, Watergate and Suzi Quatro.

When Moto Guzzi released the California 850 Eldorado it was met with much acclaim. American Cycle World stated at the time, “If Roman gods has ridden motorcycles, the Moto Guzzi Eldorado would have been chosen by Bacchus”.

So once again, Moto Guzzi have drawn inspiration from the Roman Gods in creating the all new California Eldorado. A true flagship model, producing 120 Nm of torque at 2,750 RPM, whilst embodying the past and featuring the technological advancements of today.

The California 1400 Eldorado will be available in Nero Classico and Rosso Pregiato at $24K Ride Away

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