LS2 Drifter Helmet Blends Open-face, Full-face, and Off-road into One

Discover the new LS2 Drifter, a versatile helmet concept that combines open-face, full-face, and off-road features, boasting a lightweight, ECE 22.06 certified shell, and offering easy-to-remove elements for customizable protection on the go.

LS2 Drifter

The LS2 Drifter is a new helmet from LS2 but also a new concept, mixing three categories into one product.

LS2 has launched its new Drifter helmet as what it describes as “a new concept.” It combines open- and full-face with off-road aspects.

LS2 Drifter

The Drifter’s key features are the peak and chin bar, both of which are removable, and the integral visor.

With the peak and chin bar attached and the integral visor down, the LS2 Drifter acts as a full-face helmet, with the peak providing additional protection from dust and stones.

Alternatively, both the peak and chin bar can be removed, giving an open-face design with the visor still dropped, or the visor can be raised, and the peak can remain attached for a trial-style helmet.

LS2 Drifter

Removal of both the chin bar and peak is done without tools, and there is a tab on either side of the helmet to raise and lower the visor. Additionally, the stock clear visor can be swapped with a tinted option which is included with the helmet.

The LS2 Drifter’s kinetic polymer alloy shell also has ECE 22.06 certification, and the helmet is quite lightweight at 1.3kg.

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