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Price – $349

Getting your bike to perform at its best is easier than you might think. Dobeck has the EJK Fuel Controller, which is available for many different models and an easy “plug ‘n’ play” type system, requiring no computer. It does not interfere with the standard ECU, either, so we decided to grab one and fit it to our long term MT- 07 and feel the difference.

The EJK Fuel Controller is a load based system. You might be familiar with the Dynojet (Power Commander) unit, which is an Alpha-N Tuning based system. There are three main differences between the two units – Alpha-N Tuning takes into account Throttle Position (TPS) and RPM to construct a grid to fill in fuel values. Load based tuning takes into account Fuel Flow Rate, TPS and RPM to construct three main zones for fuel adjustment. Most of the controllers on the market use Alpha-N Tuning because it is the easiest way to make calculations. Load based tuning takes more advanced calculations and breaks a drive cycle down into easy to understand zones to allow for quicker and more precise adjustments – resulting in a much better performing motorcycle.

The EJK Fuel Controller allows on-the-fly tuning capabilities, but be careful how you interpret ‘on the-fly’ tuning because a number of products like to claim this ability.

Dobeck (EJK) products all have true ‘on-the-fl y’ tuning. You can make fuel adjustments in your garage, in your mate’s garage, on the side of the road and even (be careful) while riding the vehicle (although we don’t recommend this method!). The tuning changes are made instantaneously! So you can play as much as you like, and if you stuff it up, you can reset it, or readjust to a previous setting you’d already recorded on a piece of paper (didn’t you!).

Fitment of the EJK Fuel Controller took around an hour. I had to remove the tank covers and lift the tank up to get to the injector plugs and run the wiring. Depending on your particular bike, this could take a little less, or a lot more time, but the EJK controller is easy to install no matter what bike you have. Instructions for fitment are supplied and easy to follow. Some of the bikes listed on the EJK website even have installation videos, as the MT-07 model listed does.

The controller comes preset as a “Stage 1” type setting, assuming you have already fitted an aftermarket exhaust and/or a freer- fl owing air filter, like the DNA air filter also available from Dobeck distributor Kenma.

Once the controller was fitted I took the MT-07 for a spin around the block and was instantly impressed with the smoother acceleration and extra power. I then decided to play with the settings to see just how much more power and torque could be extracted from this awesome bike. I looked at the EJK website www.electronicjetkit.

com and found a variety of settings for various stages of tune for the MT- 07 and decided on one very similar to the way I have the MT setup. This involved disconnecting the O2 sensor.

The result – a much fatter mid range.

The bottom end stayed similar to exactly right. As we’ve now fitted the DNA air filter and a Race fit slip-on, I would not hesitate to guess the H2 has picked up at least 15hp. Add that to the standard claim of 210hp, that makes it the fastest motorcycle I’ve ever ridden. Once you get it on full boost, it is insane how fast this thing moves!

DNA air filters are made to strict standards. DNA also does a lot of testing to find the exact filter material suitable for the particular motorcycle, instead of just using a “standard” type gauze. We have used DNA air filters on a number of bikes over the years and always been highly impressed. Get yourself a DNA air filter from your local bike shop, or visit You’ll love the difference! SW


Price – $ 140.83 (Euro) each lever
Price – $49.17 (Euro) rear fluid cap
Price – $32.50 (Euro) front fluid cap

Continuing the Rizoma magic with the MT-07, we fitted their ‘Feel’ brake and clutch levers, which were simple to fit and give amazing feel, just as the name suggests! The “face” or part of the lever where you squeeze has 3D machining to give you amazing grip and that special feel. The levers also fold up if you happen to crash or bump something and they offer a massive amount of adjustment. This is perfect for Alana’s small hands and my lion’s-paw-like slabs of meat!

Don’t be left lacking feel with your levers, grab a set of Rizoma’s awesome levers and enjoy more comfort and better braking performance, because you have more feel from the front brake.

Two areas on any motorcycle that usually look bland are the brake fluid reservoir caps. Rizoma offer exquisitely machined billet caps for the MT-07, so we fitted them up. While they are a subtle touch on the bike, they really do stand out to onlookers – especially once they notice that Rizoma “r” on the front cap. Get all of the Rizoma products from your local Rizoma dealer and make sure you visit the Rizoma website to get your list ready! SW

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