Kawasaki Announces Partnership with Hitachi Power Tools Australia

Hitachi Power Tools Australia has partnered with Kawasaki to enter the motorsport arena for the first time in Australia as a sponsor of the Kawasaki factory motocross racing team and various Kawasaki supported riders in 2015.

Kawasaki Motors Australia is proud to confirm an alliance with the power tool specialists who have expressed an avid interest in supporting and promoting Australian motocross racing. “Hitachi is excited to be sponsoring these motocross teams, both companies have many similarities in terms of customers and product quality”, Hitachi Power Tools Australia National Marketing and Operations Manager Simon Hatton commented. “We look forward to promoting the Hitachi brand to a new market”.

Internationally, Hitachi is recognised as a high-end manufacturer of quality power tools which Kawasaki Motors are proud to endorse and use internally. Hitachi has contributed to global social advancement not only in the form of power tools, but other areas such as energy, construction equipment, data storage and other social innovation businesses.

“There is a notable synergy with the brands and it is great to have a company on board which is new to the motorsports industry”, said Kawasaki’s Commercial Relationship Coordinator, Frank Pudarich. “Much like Hitachi, we are committed to the development and innovation of our products. We are excited to educate consumers on the Hitachi Power Tools range and also showcase the commercial value of the motocross industry to our new business partners.” The support from Hitachi will contribute to the exposure and development of off road racing in Australia.

Hitachi Sponsors Kawasaki Race Team 2015Lance Russell’s Freestyle Motocross Motorcycle

Hitachi will be prominent across the Kawasaki factory motocross racing team including representation on the on the jerseys, race team uniform as well as on the KX450F Motorcycles.

Lance Russell, one of Australia’s elite Freestyle Motocross athletes has already featured Hitachi power tools in a recent production and says “I am very excited to be working with Hitachi and I look forward to using their products onsite”.

Lance Russell & Simon Hatton_Hitachi Kawasaki Sponsorship 2015Lance Russell and Simon Hatton

Hitachi is also thrilled to be supporting women in Australian motorsport through sponsoring Megan Rutledge. Meghan has established herself as Australia’s premier female Motocross athlete and is currently the Australian Women’s SX Champion. ‘Mad Meg’, is currently competing on the international stage this year and has been backed as a strong contender.

Ken Hashiba, Managing Director of Kawasaki Motors Australia says “Everyone here is excited for the 2015 partnership and it is an honour to welcome Hitachi Power Tools Australia as a sponsor in the world of Australian motorsports”.

For further information on the Hitachi Power Tool product range, visit http://www.hitachi-powertools.com.au/

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