Honda RC213V-S Released in Australia

Honda Motorcycles is raising the bar once again, with one of the most highly anticipated motorcycles in the manufacturer’s rich history set to hit Australian shores.

The famous MotoGP replica, RC213V-S, is now available to Australian riders for $244,000 and is set to change the road bike landscape forever.

Developed by Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), the RC213V-S is a road going model of the legendary Championship-winning MotoGP RC213V machine. Inspired by, and developed with input from many legendary GP riders, Honda’s latest offering is set to be the ultimate road going motorcycle.

The meticulous replication of all the traits that made the RC213V a MotoGP champion, as well as the thoughtful development of new practical features, make the RC213V-S unlike any other motorcycle on the open road.

The development team spent countless hours poring over ways to make as few changes to the MotoGP racer as practically possible.

With the exception of a few components required for compliance such as rear-view mirrors and a muffler, as well as practical changes for public roads such as the addition of a starter motor and tweaks to the brake discs and pads, very few key aspects of the motorcycle have been changed from the race-ready legend.

The RC213V-S takes a number of cues from the racey RCV1000R; a switch was made to the RCV1000R coil spring system to sit in line with a more realistic maintenance structure. The seamless transmission was also changed to a conventional system like the RCV1000R.

In keeping with the heightened focus on handling, a long wheelbase has been adopted to better utilise the power of the V4 1000cc engine, while light-weight suspension boost the overall performance of the motorcycle.

With the RC213V-S, you can also experience the real power performance of the RC213V with the specialised Sports Kit optional with the purchase of the new model, which raises power up to 212hp. The Sports Kit allows the rider to truly experience the power and agility of a MotoGP-spec motorcycle on a closed circuit.

The RC213V-S will be sold from Honda directly after a customer qualifying process and built to order with a lead time of 6 to 12 months.

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