Far South Coast Motorcycle Club

 Tantawanglo Lane,
NSW 2550

 0408 489 082

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Description: In 1996, A group of friends started riding at Sapphire Speedway in combined meetings with the car club.

These were Black meetings as was the fore-runner to the South Coast Cup, The Sapphire Cup, I did win the B final in this meeting. Sometime after i Was badly injured at a combined meeting, So racing at Sapphire was stopped, We decided to form a club, Affiliate it with MNSW and licence the track, This was done in the former name of the FSCMCC, The Narooma and District MCC. The Track Inspector commented that Sapphire Speedway was the best kept secret in NSW.

As well and EA & and Myself there were 12 or so others involved greatly in the formation of the club and the running of the first South Coast Cup, Brian Garvey, Glenn Gall, Brett Taylor, Justin Rumsey, Lyn Rumsey, Ken Latimer, Mick Elliot, Gordon Goman, Damien Smedley, Gavin Miller, Paul Huntley, Doug Pearson and Dave Francis, the clubs first President. All these people threw their own money into the kitty to effect Club Incorporation, Sapphire Track licencing and the first books books of day licences. The first South Coast Cup was ran in April 1997, With riders Mark Herfoss, Lloyd Richards and Kevin Condron as well as a good field of riders.

Over the years many well known riders have contested the Cup main event such as Luke Gough, Mick Kirkness, Speedway World Champ Chris Holder, Ian Hamilton, Rodney McDonald, Troy Herfoss, Steve Croker, Ben Peck, Matt Sarrus, Tim Heffernan and our own Brett Lever just to name a Few. To see the South Coast Cup reach its 20th anniversary is a credit to all involved, now and back then. Enjoy yourselves racing on the best dirt track oval in the state.

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