Electric Motorcycles: The Future of Sustainable Urban Commuting? A Review of the Super Soco TC Max

Posted On 17 Aug 2023
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Electric motorcycles, once a novelty, have now become a serious contender in the motorcycling world. Among these new-generation motorcycles is the Super Soco TC Max, a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to traditional motorcycles.

Why Consider the Super Soco TC Max? The beauty of the Super Soco TC Max is in its niche. This electric bike isn’t intended for everyone. Comparing its capabilities, one could either opt for a low-capacity petrol-powered bike or a scooter. So, for those thinking of cruising around the hills for fun, the TC Max might not be your top choice. However, for urban commuting, especially in dense cities like Sydney, this bike fits the bill perfectly.

Specifications and Features

  • The TC Max boasts a new high-power central motor.
  • Peak torque stands at 180 Newton meters.
  • Inverted forks with a 17-inch wheel on the front, combined brake system, and 240mm discs on the front and rear.
  • Three rider modes – Eco, Normal, and Sport, accommodating varying speed and distance requirements.
  • It’s sleek with a length of 1963mm, a seat height of 770mm, and weighing around 100 kilos.
  • Additionally, the bike features a dynamic LED headlight that adapts to road conditions, enhancing night-time visibility.

Design The design is urban-focused, making it ideal for city commuting. The bike’s light weight combined with the absence of a clutch, makes maneuvering through traffic seamless. Its aesthetics are appealing with its modern “Neo Cafe Racer” design and vibrant colours including Cosmic Grey, Electric Yellow, Neon Orange, and Phantom Black.

The Defining Factor: The Battery While the bike checks many boxes, the battery poses a challenge for some. Charging the 72-volt battery can take around 4 to 5 hours. Depending on your commute distance and access to power points, the charging process might be straightforward or cumbersome. But the catch is the battery life. For those living close to urban centres, this bike can be a cost-effective commuting solution. However, if your commute is longer, you might need to strategize your charging routine.

Riding Experience Navigating through traffic on the Super Soco TC Max is fun. The power delivery is intriguing. It might start slow, but the power keeps building, often making you lose track of the speed you’re at. Its nimbleness, eco-friendliness, and economical operation make it stand out. However, the initial slow acceleration and the silent engine might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Verdict While the Super Soco TC Max serves its purpose as an urban commuter, the battery range and charging challenges can be a deal-breaker for some. However, if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly alternative for your city rides, this might just be the bike for you.

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