Posted On 15 May 2024
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what’s he blabbing on about now?

I love tinkering away in the garage on motorcycles. I have my CBR900RR race bike, but also a mate and I are building a 1989 Period 6 Yamaha FZR1000. Whenever the postman arrives with new bits and pieces I’ve ordered I just can’t wait to fit them up and progress the project along. Alana seems to think I spend too much time in the garage “playing” with the bikes, but in actual fact it’s probably only two or three hours a week. As you read this I’ve just been preparing my CBR to race in the PCRA one hour endurance race with IomTT racer, Alex Pickett.

This has been a culmination of many hours spent in the garage as there was loads to pull apart and get fixed and/ or modified from the last time I raced it at the Barry Sheene Festival of Speed, including getting the suspension completely done by suspension tuner Walter Preisig from Your Suspension Shop. I strongly recommend Walter’s expertise, he will setup your ride perfectly for whatever type of riding you do.

Not only will I be racing my CBR, but I’m also racing an FZR400 with my mate Chris and a CBR125R again with Alex. How did we go? Find out next issue. I really enjoy the fun and relaxing nature of the Post Classic Racing Association of NSW meets.

It’s not all cut and thrust, everyone is there to enjoy the old bikes and have fun. So if you’ve ever considered doing a bit of racing, I highly recommend the PCRA NSW or the corresponding classic/historic racing association or club in your State or Territory. You can race as often as each month, or as little as once a year. As my budget is limited (building the FZR1000), I only do two races a year at this stage and can’t wait to get back out there again.

If you want to go to a meeting and check it out first, by all means pop out to a meet and start talking with some of the guys or gals racing. I have found everyone to be friendly and more than willing to offer advice and assistance whenever they can.

And once you get talking with people in the various clubs you’ll more than likely find a race bike for sale at a good price. When I mean good price, most bikes are less than ten grand, it’s only the more exotic stuff that reaches beyond that, but start cheap and go from there. I bought my CBR for only $2500, race ready. However I have spent money on it, putting bling and other stuff on, and I’m lucky enough to have my mate, Bassar from 2SUS Custom Resprays who did the standout red paint job.

So that’s how I get my fix on two wheels, but you might like to get your fix by going touring or just on a weekend blast every now and again. As much as my touring with mates is limited (we’re all too busy it seems), I also just love getting out for a weekend or mid-week blast and grabbing a coffee to talk plenty of BS amongst good friends. Two wheeled adventures come in many forms, so long as you’re out there having fun and enjoying only what two wheels can bring – you’re the envy of many. Enjoy!

Cheers, Stuart.

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