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Description: The Copperheads SMC Inc. is an Australian Social Motorcycle Club that was founded and established in 2018 by a tight group of friends.

Our common interests are Brotherhood, the biker life and the love of Motorcycling. We are a family and we strive to make a difference in the lives of each and every one of our members.

We “respect” and support one another through the highs and lows and have vowed to never give up on our Brotherhood no matter what trials and tribulations are placed before us.

Copperheads SMC, our Patch and logo is a Registered Social Motorcycle Club as an Incorporation by way of association and are solely owned and Trademarked by the Copperheads Corporation. We are also a proud member of the Motorcycle Council of Australia.

We are an SMC consisting of Cruisers with a mix of Harley Davidson and all other Metric Motorcycles.

Our mission is to continue our love and passion we have for Motorcycling along with assisting our social community while strengthening Club unity with our local clubs and organisations. In addition, we strive to enhance the relationships not only with our neighbouring clubs but those that are beyond our riding community, Regardles of Race, Ethnicity or Culture.

The Copperheads SMC is a traditional SMC that adheres to the protocols and philosophies established by those traditional Motorcycle Clubs before us.

Our membership is exclusive to advocates who share a common goal of “Brotherhood” and also the “respect” of others and the inclusion of our own families, the ever-growing “trust” for one another and the continued passion for riding.

” In Us We Trust”

We live by it

We have no conditions in the “trust” and “loyalty” we put into our club and our members. We are 100% loyal to our “Brotherhood”, letting no-one divide us. With this philosophy, we have built a solid “Brotherhood of bikers” and we have earned many friendships based on hard work and respect.

Copperheads SMC is not a 1% club, nor are we claiming any territory.

We are and will always remain Independent.

We respect all Clubs and support those that support us..!!

We are supportive of those Motorcycle Clubs that have made the effort to organise and form a club such as we have and that shares our passion for motorcycling.

We will respect any biker that we share the road with, regardless of where ever they may come from or whatever Patch they wear.

Respect is a two way street. Give it to get it.

Our Club interests are based on enjoying Australia’s great roads for motorcycling, the biker life and supporting the rights of the motorcycling community.

Primarily, we are all dedicated to our families and loved ones.

We value “Brotherhood” and the protection of our rights as Australians.

Copperheads SMC Inc. welcomes you to our Riders & Support Group and we hope to see you as a full member soon.

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