Posted On 21 Feb 2024
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It had been 11 years since I attended the Bombala Bike Show when Terri, our Sales Manager, suggested we try to help out with it. The show, it seemed, had hit a bit of a fl at spot and needed a boost – and who better to boost it than Terri, who has almost unlimited energy and a fi ne eye for any opportunity – and your magazine!

So we offered to take on naming rights to the show, making it the Australian Motorcyclist Magazine Bombala Bike Show, and Terri got to work recruiting people from inside and outside theindustry for stands. You could see her success very easily when the show kicked off on the 15th of November: there were 56 stands, where there had been 13 in 2013.

Of course I’m not claiming all the credit; of all the people from Bombala who helped, we can probably single out Sam and Grantley as the prime movers.

Terri, Stuart, Rob, our new columnist Boris and I all made our way down to Bombala – it’s a terrifi c ride, and not only from Sydney – and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

The crowd was kept entered all day and into the night with Angry Anderson on stage.

Now I wouldn’t usually do this, but in this case I’m actually going to name all of the people (I hope!) who had stands at the show; partly to thank them, and partly to let you who didn’t make it, see just how well serviced the show was. Keep that in mind for next year – we are keeping naming rights, and we’ll be there again. There will be a special event for the Bear Army, too.

Paul Riley from Skillmaster challenges Stuart to a slow race. Then they both followed each other on the skills course. Stuart pinched, Rob’s DRZ400SM for the demonstration.

So, our and Bombala Council’s thanks for the 2014 show go to stallholders:

Merimbula Dutch Pancakes; Kebab Queen; Curly Chips; Hard-Core Carnivore; Ragino Coffee; The Brathaus (excellent snags – I had one of these for lunch – and yes, I paid for it!);

Palarang Organic Meats; Monaro Mobile Expresso; BikieChic (The Girls as usual in fi ne form); Get Plugged (Agent for Earmold Australia); Warm and Safe Australia; Swell Mobile Coffee; Leather & Lace; Redd Dog Motorcycle Clothing;

Ironhorse Biker Accessories; IB Bike Lifts (Hi, Ian); Mongrel Racing; Mikes Bike Gear; Maido Sushi; The Outdoor Fun Shop; Pacemaker Coats; CRAB South Coast Kingies; Gulf Western Oil;

Shari Lea; EMJ by Elsie; OzTrikes; Ozzy Rider Eye Wear; Reiden Industries;

Trophies await the winners.

Motorcycle Gear; Skill Master Motorcycle Services (next time, Paul, make it a bit harder for Stuart); 2MNO (Soft Serve Van); Jilli Handley; Les Devlin; SMART Motorcycle Accessories; Route66 Tours;

(CFE) BACA Capital Chapter; Ulysses

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