Coocase hits the Aussie market!

Want one of the best topboxes available in the current market? Well, look no further than a Coocase!

New to the Aussie market and being distributed by the great folk at Kenma, they have a range of five topboxes for you to purchase.

S30SB RRP $105.00
V36 Wizard Basic RRP $185.00
V36 Wizard Luxury RRP $265.00
S48 Astra Basic RRP $249.00
S48 Astra Luxury RRP $339.00

All models feature manual locking and base plate.

Luxury models feature LED brake lights, keyless entry via remote, and a theft-deterring alarm system, setting the Coocase above and beyond other topcases.

Padded inserts and backrests available.

Complete kits with mounting system for over 1000 model bikes will be available.

For more information and pricing go to or call 02 9484 0777.

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