Posted On 22 Feb 2024
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They’re switchable and powered by a rechargeable battery incorporated into the garment, and boy, do they show up! Anybody who says they didn’t see you when you’re wearing these is far too blind to be driving.

I know that I’ve been dismissive of fluoro clothing (mainly because it provides a false sense of security), but these things take visibility to another level and could well be a genuine help on the road. The same thing is available on the company’s Lynsted jacket. Take a look at, and if you can figure out why a firm called Dane which uses Danish words for its products is actually Dutch, drop me a line…

It may look like a praying mantis, but it’s electric! ACHTUNG, VELOSCHMITT!

The Veloschmitt company in Ljubljana, Slovenia has taken the (approximate) shape of the land speed record Messerschmitt three-wheeled “cabin roller” enclosed scooter and has wrapped it around a superlight framework and an electric motor.

“The Veloschmitt KR E-250 Personal Transporter is the new edition of the legendary Messerschmitt Kabinenroller from the ‘50s,” says the firm. It is the world fi rst two – seater velomobile built in series… (and) integrates the classic mechanism of pedalling with a powerful electric assist drive system. This is able to monitor the braking energy of the vehicle and, at the same time the current thereby obtained to regenerate the energy back to the battery.

“We using the best GRP and CFK materials in manufacturing our VELOSCHMITT and so it is very lightweight. The on pedelec modus limited very powerful up to 4000 watt brushless permanent magnet DC motor brings also increased torque.

The Nuvinci 360 Harmony – automatic speed transmission leads to lower energy consumption and very quiet road noise.

“The price is signifi cantly lower than that of our competitors … without compromising on design and quality,”

they continue. I would not have thought that this… vehicle would have any competition!

“Despite its compact size to drive, thanks to the dynamic air suspension technology, it runs like on rails.

Only two handles and the roof/entry section* of the KR E-250 can easily be replaced with another functional design! Veloschmitt KR E-250 transporter connects pilots with riding, brings them the feeling of flying!”

Umm, yes, if you don’t mind flying very slowly… The single-seater costs 6300 Euros, and the two seater will set you back 7350; but what cost the ability to shout: “Achtung, Englander! Messerschmitt on your tail!”

Based loosely on a Messerschmitt cabin scooter, the Veloschmitt looks… interesting.

OOH, SHINY… NO, MATT Who was it who said that there seemed to be some kind of international design rule that required all electric vehicles to be ugly? Oh, it was me? Well, I take it back.

Check out the Trefecta, another new e-bike. Peak power (depending on model and country) is 4kW, which allows a top speed of 70km/h and a cruising speed of 55km/h. The claimed range (without pedalling) is 100km, and the Trefecta can supposedly carry 160kg – a slightly bigger bear.

Well, who woulda thought it!

“The 20” 7075 (no, I’m not sure what that means) aluminium frame adheres the demanding norms of aerospace engineering (sic),” says the factory copy.

“It’s these premium materials, together with the fully integrated cables and components, which make it a tough e-vehicle and ensure protection from all elements. Its foldability also guarantees easy transportation and broad application to professional needs”.

So far so good, despite the rocky Swiss grammar.

This is the seat of one of the bikes competing in the Custom Bike championship. More of those later!

“Electric mobility is experiencing rapid development. In Kanton Zug [Switzerland] a new class of high-tech e-bike has been developed with the military in mind… The Trefecta DRT was designed from the outset to be a durable solution for all urban and extra urban transport as well as a fun machine for the weekend!”

For the military? I can imagine the kind of fun they’d get up to on weekends!

There is a lot more information about the Trefecta on the website, plus an option to pre-order one. They sure look smart – but once again, we are advised that they would be illegal on the road here in OZ.

Slick looking sidecar there, but I suspect you won’t want Watsonian’s email ad dress… because it costs four thousand pounds!

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