Baby Gixxer unveiled at Intermot – Suzuki GSX-R125 ABS

The Suzuki GSX-R series has defined sportbike performance for over 30 years, with more than a million sold worldwide (as of September 2016).

So the dedicated Suzuki engineers who have devoted their lives to the GSX-R take their responsibilities very seriously: Every GSX-R must be very light and the
best performing in its class, in an unbeatable package.

Meet the revolutionary Suzuki GSX-R125 ABS, with the best power-to-weight ratio, torque-to-weight ratio and acceleration, plus nimble handling and great
fuel economy in the 125cm3 class.

With aerodynamic bodywork. A lower seat height. A multi-function LCD instruments. Vertically stacked LED headlights. And a key-less, one-push
starting system.

It is a dependable motorcycle designed to handle city traffic jams while commuting to school or work during the week. And it is also an exciting
motorcycle ready for fun rides into the countryside on weekends.

The GSX-R125 ABS is a motorcycle that’s easy to ride and easy to be proud of. It has high-quality fit and finish, beautiful paint and graphics, and the sleek look of
a MotoGP racebike. And it is backed by Suzuki’s network of helpful dealers.

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