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Discover the top street-legal minibikes perfect for your garage, offering a fun and affordable riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts of all levels.

Street-legal minibikes you want in the garage.

Ready for some pint-size playtime? Minimotos are rider-friendly for folks who just got their motorcycle license. They are also ideal for riders who want something compact and affordable to run errands with. Plus, they function well as pitbikes at the track.

The small stature of these makes them superbly nimble and the bikes’ low seat heights appeal to riders of all sizes. Honda has quite an investment in the minimoto category with five bikes to choose from, but Kawasaki and CFMoto have their own mini offerings to challenge Big Red.

This list focuses on street-legal bikes, but if you want a minibike for the dirt, you could purchase a Honda CRF50F, Yamaha PW50, Yamaha TT-R50E, Kawasaki KX65, Suzuki DR-Z50, or any of the Austrian brand’s electric dirt bikes or other minis.

2023 CFMoto Papio

Right side view of the small CFmoto Papio

At $2,999, the CFMoto Papio undercuts most of its competition.

CFMoto is a China-based manufacturer that stepped onto the minibike scene last year with its 126cc Papio. This little fella is powered by an air-cooled single-cylinder engine that’s electronically fuel injected. The mill is paired with a rare-for-the-class six-speed transmission. With a single-digit power figure (9.4 hp, claimed) this bike is not fast, nor is it meant to be. It’s designed to be an around-town ride that’s appropriate for new riders on the block.

Furthermore, it’s only 251 pounds and has a low 30.5-inch seat height, so it’s approachable and easy to lift off the kickstand. Like its competitors, 12-inch wheels and a short 48-inch wheelbase make it easy to turn on a dime. Its front 210mm disc/two-piston caliper and 190mm disc/one-piston caliper provide solid stopping power for a bike of its size too.

Modern amenities include LED headlights, taillights, and turn signals, and an LCD display.

For 2023 it’s available in Galaxy Grey and Lemon Green.

2023 CFMoto Papio Price: $2,999

2023 Honda Grom

Right side view of the small 2023 Honda Grom

Honda’s flagship miniMOTO has been bringing the thrills on 12-inch wheels since 2014.

The Honda Grom’s pitter-patter has been around since 2014 and it’s still going strong nearly 10 years later. Since its introduction it served as what Honda says was a “springboard” for other bikes like the retro-themed Honda Monkey, Super Cub, and Trail125.

It was available in three updated versions last year, but it returns this year in only the base (non-ABS) and ABS-equipped forms. What’s carried over is the 124cc air-cooled fuel-injected engine with a new-for-2022 five-speed gearbox.

You get peppy acceleration from this engine and nimble handling. The Grom lends itself to a fun riding experience for newbies and experienced riders alike. The suspension consists of a 31mm telescopic fork and single shock with about 4 inches of travel at both ends for some shenanigans. Check out our 2022 review where Senior Editor Adam Waheed rips around on this minibike.

The Grom’s 220mm front brake disc is slightly larger than the Papio, for example, but otherwise it has a 190mm disc out back too.

Not only has the Grom had time to develop an aftermarket, but the manufacturer also promotes customization with the four removable body panels. DIYers can also do their own maintenance and other mods thanks to a replaceable oil filter and two-piece downpipe/muffler.

The base model is available in Matte Black Metallic, Cherry Red, and Force Metallic Silver and the ABS version is only available in Pearl White.

2023 Honda Grom Price: $3,499

2023 Honda Monkey ABS

Right hand side view of the small 2023 Honda Monkey

Retro is reimagined on the 2023 Honda Monkey. This adorable little ride is equipped with modern amenities like an IMU-based ABS, LED lighting, LCD circular display, and a fuel-injected engine.

Although the Monkey was reintroduced recently, it has roots that go back to 1961, when the model was developed for a Honda-owned amusement park. This nostalgic minibike is now more appropriate for the modern world with its 124cc fuel-injected single-cylinder engine, ABS, and modern lighting and instrumentation.

Its 12-inch wheels are equipped with the same braking package as the Grom, but this bike comes standard with front-only ABS. It also differs with its rear shock setup; instead of the single shock like you see on the Grom, the Monkey has dual shocks that provide 4 inches of travel.

Its wheelbase is super compact at 45 inches, so it can take a turn in tight spaces and navigate well through densely packed urban routes. It really shines with its playfulness and maneuverability. We love that it can have some fun on the dirt too.

2023 Honda Monkey Price: $4,249

2023 Honda Navi

Right hand side view of the 2023 Honda Navi

The Navi ($1,807) is Honda’s lowest-priced miniMOTO. It is only just above the CRF50F ($1,699), but has the capability of being a daily rider on the street.

If you are any bit intimidated by a manual transmission and shifting gears, the Navi takes away those intimidating factors. It’s part motorcycle, part scooter so its carbureted 109cc single-cylinder engine is paired with a V-matic automatic transmission. This means you won’t have to deal with a clutch lever, shift lever, or neutral; just twist the throttle and go.

During our ride review, we found this bike to be a great around-towner for buyers on a budget. It’s easy to operate, super affordable, and super easy to park.

Seat height is only 30 inches so touchdowns at a stoplight will be easy and its 234-pound weight is not tough to push into the garage. One thing to note is it does have a small fuel tank (0.9 gallon), but Honda claims there’s still 110 mpg, which is more than enough for taking multiple trips across town. It has drum brakes at both ends with a parking brake up front.

There’s a good selection of colors to choose from (Red, Grasshopper Green, Nut Brown, or Ranger Green) as well as graphic kits that are sold separately so riders can really show off their personal style.

2023 Honda Navi Price: $1,807

2023 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS

Right hand side view of the small 2023 Honda Super Cub

The Super Cub was originally released in 1958 and has since sold over 100 million units worldwide, according to Honda. Its continued availability and sales helps keep that number growing.

Honda also has the timeless Super Cub as part of its miniMOTO lineup. Like the Monkey, the Super Cub is a returning heritage model, but the Cub has more of an “elevated scooter design” as stated in our first look.

Its step-through design makes it easy to hop aboard, though swinging a leg over its 30.7-inch seat height won’t be difficult either. It is powered by a 124cc four-stroke engine that’s all about that easy-to-use factor. Its semi-automatic clutch and four-speed transmission does not require a clutch lever. The gear is simply selected with the left foot lever (neutral is at the bottom, then you click your way up to fourth gear).

The Super Cub’s color-matched twin shocks look great and offer 3.6 inches of travel. The 26mm telescopic fork offers a hair less, 3.5 inches of travel. To get more of an idea of how the convenient Cub is like to ride, click over to our first ride review.

One bit of tech the modern rider will appreciate is the Smart Key system. You don’t need to insert a key to operate the vehicle, you can simply keep the fob in your pocket and turn the ignition on with a knob on the bike. The Cub has full LED lighting and an LCD dash that displays speed, two tripmeters, and a fuel-level indicator.

It only comes in Pearl Gray for 2023.

2023 Honda Super Cub Price: $3,849

2023 Honda Trail 125

Front-right view of the small 2023 Honda Trail 125

The Honda Trail 125 is a mountain goat of the minis. It can scale the trails with its 17-inch tires, 27mm telescopic fork, and twin shocks.

For 2023, Honda’s Trail 125 receives engine updates and a new Pearl Organic Green color. We will go over the changes in more detail in a first look of the new model, but here’s some general info. The Trail 125?s engine is the same 124cc mill that the Super Cub received in 2022, but unlike the Cub, the Trail has a longer intake and tuned exhaust for enhanced low- and midrange power, and a three-tooth-larger sprocket for lower gearing, Honda says.

It’s more undersquare with a 50mm bore and 63.1mm stroke and compression ratio of 10.0:1 (for reference, the 2022 model had a 52.4mm bore x 57.9mm stroke and 9.3:1 compression ratio), but as before, the transmission has four speeds and an automatic centrifugal clutch.

We’ve enjoyed our time exploring on the bike. It’s a great machine for putting around the RV park, hitting the trails (thanks, 17-inch wheels and 27mm telescopic fork with 4.3 inches of travel), or going to a friend’s house across town. It balances the old with the new, looking quite a bit like early renditions of the model, but features modern tech like LED lighting, a round digital gauge, front ABS, and both an electric and kickstarter.

2023 Honda Trail125 Price: $3,999

2023 Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Front-right hand side view of the small 2023 Kawasaki Z 125 Pro

The Z125 Pro flaunts streetfighter style as Team Green’s smallest Z.

Minibike mayhem can also be had on Kawasaki’s little Z125 Pro. Its compact package makes it easy to zip around town. It has a 46.3-inch wheelbase and tiny 12-inch tires that give it its light and maneuverable handling.

It has a four-speed manual transmission that works in concert with the bike’s 125cc air-cooled single. Like its main competitors, the Papio and Grom, the Z125 features fuel injection. When we took a spin on the Z, we found that its feathery cable-actuated clutch and slick-shifting four-speed transmission was easy to master, which is perfect for those with less experience under their belt.

Suspension duties are assigned to a 30mm inverted fork and offset rear shock. The shock is four-way preload adjustable, so riders can tailor the bike to their weight or added weight of a passenger.

A digital LCD screen is standard and rear taillights are LEDs in the shape of a Z, a nice little touch.

Kawasaki offers the Z125 Pro in three colors: Firecracker Red, Pearl Matte Sage Green, or Metallic Ocean Blue.

2023 Kawasaki Z125 Pro Price: $3,399

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