2017 FireBlade Is Coming!

It’s confirmed – the 2017 Fireblade is on its way.

The 25th Anniversary edition of the famed Fireblade will be hitting Australian shores in the coming months; with two variants announced so far in the next generation line up: the CBR1000RRSP and CBR1000RRSP-2.

The philosophy behind the first CBR900RR Fireblade has been echoed through development of the newest addition to the dynasty, with the focus on a mechanical evolution of perfecting perfection – control, power and agility.

‘Total Control’ has certainly been achieved; with the adaptation of the Ohlins electronic controlled suspension system and throttle by wire full electronic engine control.

Furthermore Honda’s selectable torque control helps mitigate wheel behaviour including restraining slip state and rear wheel lift.

The 2017 Fireblade boasts newly developed ABS systems including Honda’s first ever cornering-ABS for supreme rider security.

Acute attention to detail when building a new Fireblade has evolved design elements to create a machine of ultimate manoeuvrability, improved ergonomics and compactness.

The power to weight ratio is number 1 in CBR Fireblade history due to a new titanium exhaust system and fuel tank plus Honda’s first lithium ion battery in a motorcycle.

The CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2 is instantly recognised by its exclusively built Marchesini wheels and commemorative 25th anniversary silver mark along the belly of the fairing.

A model for true enthusiast and primarily built for race modification; the CBR1000RRSP-2 has further weight reductions sought from a redesigned cylinder head, pistons and engine composition.

With knowledge gained during the development of the RC213V-S, the 2017 Fireblade CBR1000RRSP and SP-2 further solidify the legacy of the world’s best Supersport motorcycle.

The 2017 Fireblade; taken from dreams to be ridden in reality.

Stay tuned for more!

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