The Motorcycle Repair Centre

 108 Martyville Road,
Queensland 4858

 0467 891 022

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Description: Hi, my name is Rick Bates, the director of a modern road and dirt bike repair and service centre, that has recently relocated from Melbourne to Innisfail QLD, and I’m pleased to be giving you this introduction of my company.

I’ve loved bikes for as long as I was able to get my leg over one. After exhausting my father’s knowledge in repairs, my industry experience began in 1996 at the age of 16 when I started my apprenticeship. I was qualified at the age of 20 with many different manufactures, hands on experience under my belt with a particular interest and specialized knowledge of European sports and touring road bikes. A little different from the dirt bike craze that led my earlier interest to the industry. Triumphs became my forte and I earn’t a valued reputation fixing what others couldn’t.

During the next 4 years whilst servicing and repairing customers motorcycles I had developed and then honed my personal customer service skills purely to present the owner with a better understanding to what was conducted and why. This little piece of customer service and delivery had manifested in me as I loved the positive reaction and customer confidence when I simply gave the type of service I would expect to receive as a customer myself. Unknown to me my actions were heard far and wide and it wasn’t long before, at the age of 24, that i was offered and then became the service manager of Metro Honda and Ducati in Ringwood and with this came my newly loved European make Ducati.

The next 7 years at the head of a five man team and a workshop reputation of quality, honesty and informative mechanics backed up with dedication to customer service led me to the T.M.R.C you see before you. TMRC has been earned a fantastic reputation over its 10years of business in Melbourne and I’m hoping to extend on that in FNQ.

My history in the industry reflects the slogan of my company and is what I strive to give and have the drive to provide.“The service you expect in every aspect” I would be pleased if you give me the opportunity to service your motorcycles needs in the future.

Welcome to The Motorcycle Repair Centre.

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