Surfside Motorcycles

 42 Winbourne Road,
New South Wales 2100

 +61 029 905 4755

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Description: The story … so far … Located at Brookvale on Sydney’s stunning Northern Beaches Surf Coast & home to many of the Country’s top  Surf Board Shapers, the birth of  SurfSide Motorcycle Garage was a natural progression for three local fellas who have motorcycles in their blood!

So how did this unique destination come to be?

As one door closes another one opens – so the saying goes. Shortly after a motorcycle business known to many as Classic Ride shut down, Trev, the Head Mechanic for that business was approached by his mate RoadRat with a far reaching idea to bring something unique to the Motor Cycling Community……..Trev was in!

Trev is a uniquely gifted motorcycle mechanic, side-car racer, ex TAFE instructor and shrewd businessman. He & RoadRat knew that with the right people anything can be done. With that inspiration they got together with Rob to start what is now a decade old business partnership.

RoadRat is an old school enthusiast, well known & respected in the Riding Community for many years. He has accumulated both and a stable of classic Harleys and a lifetime of riding adventures, leading to a deep knowledge of all things touring and vintage – he is also a natural deal maker and successful founder/owner of half a dozen businesses.

Rob has been riding since the 1970’s and has a passion for big bore Italian classics. He knew Trev through a Laverada custom build that he commissioned. He also happens to be a numbers man and great people person.

Bike bloke, businessman & banker – three amigos with a shared dream – an old school motorcycle garage in the modern world. That was back in 2012.

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