Road motorcycle sales finish strong in 2014

Australia’s new motorcycle market ran a solid race in 2014, with total motorcycle, ATV and scooter sales reaching 111,599—only 2.2 per cent lower than 2013 figures.

Road bike sales were strong, increasing 1.5 per cent compared to 2013 and accounting for 39.9 per cent of the total market. Total road bike sales were 44,530. Honda took out top position for sales in this category. Honda’s 9,011 new road bike sales accounted for 22.3 per cent of the total road bike market and also helped Honda become the top selling brand in 2014. Honda sold a total of 24,866 new motorcycles, ATVs and scooters in 2014.

In second place for total sales was Yamaha with 18.3 per cent of the market (20,394). Kawasaki was third with 9.9 per cent (11,024), Suzuki was fourth with 8.7 per cent (9,745) and Harley-Davidson was fifth with 7.7 per cent (8,577).

In the road bike category, Harley-Davidson was the second highest selling brand with 19.3 per cent of road bike sales (8,577). Harley-Davidson was followed by Kawasaki with 13.4 per cent (5,964), Yamaha with 11.9 per cent (5,290) and Suzuki with 6.8 per cent (3,017).

Off-road motorcycle purchases accounted for almost 33.7 per cent of total market sales, with 37,670 Australians taking home a new off-road bike. The popularity of these vehicles has fallen since 2013, with the 37,670 sales representing a 4.3 per cent decrease on 2013 figures.

Yamaha led the market for off-road motorcycles, selling 30.1 per cent (11,356) of the total off-road bikes sold. Yamaha was followed by Honda with 26.2 per cent (9,871), KTM with 15.2 per cent (5,730), Suzuki with 11.7 per cent (4,417) and Kawasaki with 10.4 per cent (3,920).

The ATV market grew by 2 per cent in 2014 (compared to 2013), with a total of 21,723 ATVs sold. The total sales represent 19.5 per cent of the total 2014 motorcycle market. Polaris was the leading brand in the ATV market, selling 27.1 per cent (5,892) of the total ATV sales. Honda was second with 23 per cent (5,007), Yamaha was third with 15.6 per cent (3,391), Suzuki was fourth with 10.2 per cent (2,215) and BRP was fifth with 8.5 per cent (1,853)

Scooter sales continued to decline in 2014, with total sales down 19.7 per cent on 2013 sales figures. Piaggio topped the list in the scooter market, selling almost 16.8 per cent (1,295) of the total 7,676 scooters sold. Vespa came in second with 14.8 per cent (1,140), Honda was third with 12.7 per cent (977), SYM was fourth with 8.7 per cent (670) and Kymco was fifth with 7.2 per cent (550). Scooter sales represented 6.9 per cent of the total motorcycle market.

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