Post Classic Racing Association of NSW

 P.O. Box 204,
NSW 2210

 +61 041 610 3546

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Description: 1986

The Post Classic Racing Association of NSW was formed in June 1986 and bandied together a small association of Historic Racing enthusiasts. In its early days, PCRA members were invited along to other club & interclub meetings.


In 1988, the first PCRA run race meetings were run in conjunction with Eastern Suburbs Motorcycle Club. There was a mix of Post Classic or Period 4 Machinery (1963 – 1972) & Modern Machines.

Also in 1988 a few good men from PCRA & ESMCC created a class called Bucket Racing & this inexpensive category enhanced membership numbers to the point the PCRA could run race meetings on their own at the now closed Oran Park North Circuit.

With the membership growing & the popularity of Post Classic Racing (and Bucket Racing), the PCRA was soon running events at the larger Oran Park South, Oran Park GP Circuits & the also now closed Amaroo Park.


In 1989 a new Historic category was formed, Forgotten Era or Period 5 (1973 – 1980). This was a huge success & PCRA grew larger to the extent of running State Title meetings. Some years ago, the 1980 date for Period 5 changed to 1982.


In 2000, the PCRA introduced a further 2 new classes:

  • New Era 1 / changed to New Era (1981 – 1990)
  • New Era 2 / changed to Pre Modern (1991 – 1997)

Although they were not recognised Historic categories these two classes were also a great success.


Period 4 & 5 plus modern Formula 1 & Formula 2 – also form part of the PCRA.

The PCRA currently runs:

  • a club Championship Series of about 5 rounds per year
  • the annual One Hour Endurance Challenge
  • the annual Festival of Speed
  • The Australian Historic Road Racing Championships about every 5 years or so

The club has a proud history of running great race meetings, highlighted by running the now internationally recognised Festival of Speed annually to the highest of standards.

The PCRA currently caters for

  • Period 4 125cc, 250cc, 350cc 500cc, 750cc & 1300cc
  • Period 5 125cc, 250cc, 350cc 500cc, 750cc & 1300cc
  • Period 6 125cc, 250cc Production, 250cc GP, 500cc, 750cc & 1300cc
  • Pre Modern Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3 & Formula 250 GP
  • Motolites, Superlites & Commuterlites
  • Sidecars Period 4, Period 5, Modern Formula 1 & Modern Formula 2
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