Nepean Motor Sports Club

 112 Rickards Rd,
New South Wales 2749

 0447 674 333

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Description: The following guide to page rules is aimed at helping to keep this page a happy, fun, informative and entertaining place.

1. This page is provided for all to use as a source of communication, information and knowledge with regard to Nepean Raceway and the Nepean Motor Sports Club Ltd.
2. Respect other users and their views. Feel free to disagree, but do so with some class. Resorting to insults or unnecessary rudeness is not on. Personal insults will not be tolerated.
3. Humour is good, over the top crassness isn’t.
4. Bad language isn’t good. There are children who access this page.

Any post that breaches these rules will be deleted. Any user who breaches these rules may be banned without warning.

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