Mutt Motorcycles Ltd

 159 Abbotsford Road,
Brisbane, QueensLand 4006

 +61 2 8411 2584

Company Domain:

Description: Our objective is to make Mutt and motorcycling as accessible as possible without ever comprising quality or style. By focusing our attention on the strength of the build, and stripping away unnecessary frills, we’ve managed to create solid, super cool, small cc motorcycles at a level you can just jump on and get going.

To do this, we spent time developing and sourcing our parts with manufacturers throughout the Far East. We needed a robust, reliable starting point for our customs, so plumped for a version of the bullet proof Suzuki GN 125 made by a Suzuki partner, an engine renowned for its power and longevity.

The base chassis and drive train are produced to our meticulous specification and design. We construct them using a variety of unique parts to create a classic Brit custom look. Our bikes are then finished and fettled ready for the road at our workshop in Birmingham, England, the historic heart of British motorcycle manufacturing. Our team then set to work completing the bike builds before they’re handed over.

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