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Description: Owner & Senior Trainer of Motorcycle Rider Training Australia, is Dean Shipp(Q-Ride Instructor). Dean lives and breathes motorcycles and has been on or around motorbikes for over 35 years covering everything from road, dirt, track and maintenance.

He also has an extensive Aviation background with fixed wing and helicopters as an instructor with approvals from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Dean is not only a highly experienced motorcycle rider he has over 25 years of training and assessment in Vocational Education Training, military and aviation streams. 

Motorcycle Rider Training Australia are family owned, passionate and dedicated to ensuring riders are not only trained to ride to the best of their ability, but also to ensure their own safety on the road. Motorcycling is our lifestyle which is evident when you meet our instructors and their passion towards motorcycling and road safety.

Each individual rider is at different skill level in their motorcycle journey. Our instructors will recognise where you are on your path and adjust the motorcycle training to ensure all students achieve the most progression out of each training session and mentor you to improve your skills and confidence beyond what you currently think is possible.

Not only do our motorcycle instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in motorcycling many of them have professional instructor backgrounds from industries in the Aviation, Government and Vocational Education Training. This ensures that our Team is not only highly experienced in the motorcycle industry, but they also have years of experience in correct training methods in line with industry recommendations and best practices. Our depth of industry knowledge will ensure each student will be trained and leave with the knowledge required to be a safe and confident rider. 

Browse our extensive range of motorcycle courses which cover Q Ride options through to motorcycle safety & maintenance, motorcycle adventure courses and more. Learn something new, gain experience, or extend your skills. Bring your own motorcycle or use one of our training bikes for a minimal fee.

Our highly respected and professional instructors will assist you along your motorcycle journey and we guarantee you will receive first class service and training whilst ensuring skill development but most importantly your safety.

We understand that every rider has different requirements and expectations, that’s why we offer the best motorcycle training programs in every genre. We are here to help you every step of your motorbike journey and ensuring your safety is our number 1 priority.

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