Kontrol Faktory Suspension & Motors

 194 Kulkyne Way,
Victoria 3496

 0427 245 494

Company Domain: Faktory-Suspension-Motors

Description: Kontrol Faktory is locally owned and ran by Warren ‘ Smarty’ Smart.

He has been a part of the Motorbike racing industry since the age of 5, he grew up around bikes and working on his own bike to make it run as efficiently and as fast as he wanted/needed. He became No. 4 in Australia Motorcross racing and No.1 as a Privater, normally to reach the top 10 in Australia you have to be on a paid team.

It was at this point he joined the Kawasaki racing team which was brought to an end due to a wrist injury that wouldn’t allow him to race professionally. Smarty now races and rides for a little fun but he has continued to work with bikes, building tailored suspension for Australian racers both locally and national.

He can also custom build motors if you want a little more go then factory stock gives you. Smarty can improve or repair any bike, from your Ag quad, Motocross, Enduro or Road bike. Contact him on the below details if you would like more information.

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