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Description: Crafting Excellence

While our passion for motorcycles extends to all makes, models, and styles, Kelpi Custom Moto’s dedication to minimalistic styling has become our hallmark.

For this reason, we understand that less is more when it comes to motorcycle design, and our bolt-on parts are a testament to this philosophy.

Every component that we produce has a purpose that spans both form and function; enhancing the visual appeal and performance of your bike. While we’re serious about design, we take a playful approach to riding bikes — after all, it’s our passion, our livelihood, and our escapism all wrapped up in one. 

Our Evolution

Back in 2020, we made a custom leather seat for a daily-ridden XSR700, and after gaining some traction after posting some photos online, we started taking requests from other XSR enthusiasts to begin making custom variations for their own bikes.

Fast-forward four years, and Kelpi Custom Moto has grown considerably, with the ‘Kelpi Gang’ now including thousands of clients in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Our specialties include vintage-styled exhaust systems complete with our signature Kelpi tone, as well as a range of custom seats that are not only handmade here in Brisbane, but are calibrated to each customer’s individual weight and riding style. Whilst exhausts and seats takes up the bulk of every day, we also offer a small range of thoughtfully crafted accessories like mirrors, bars & lighting that are easy to fit up to most motorcycles.

So, whether you’re seeking to enhance your bike’s performance, styling, or both, our exclusive range of products are designed to exceed your expectations. Please note: we do not build custom bikes for clients. All Kelpi Customs are built to our own standards, rather than built to a client’s design brief and budget, and occasionally these are offered up for sale to the public.

What Sets Us Apart

Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer support continues to be at the heart of our brand. We believe that every rider’s vision is unique, which is why we offer a “made-to-measure” approach across all our services. From our custom seat services, our customisable exhausts systems, and extending to our accessories range, each product can be set up for you.

Here at Kelpi Custom Moto, our bikes are an extension of our personality, and we’re here to help you express yours with uncompromising quality and style.

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