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Western Australia 6057

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Description: It all started years ago when I started researching the benefits of lightweight Marchesini wheels,at this stage I had worked in the motorcycle industry for 9 years and was currently working
at a Honda Dealership as service manager.

Once researched , I purchased a set of Marchesini M7RS wheels , same as you see me holding above for a customers ride.

​I couldn’t believe the difference in performance! The bike now had a huge improvement in throttle response ,acceleration, braking and handling, especially when switching direction.

This was due to a weight reduction in rolling mass therefore significantly reducing the gyroscopic effect.  From there I decided to do a full Brembo Racing brake upgrade to further personalise and enhance the bike,turning it something special that I had only dreamed of.   

These serious upgrades changed the whole ride dramatically taking it to  another level of performance . 


“So with this first hand knowledge I began to design customers bikes & help them turn their dreams into reality”

This all led to eventually leaving the dealerships to pursue my own business adventure. 

…… JW Moto Parts was born !

JW Moto Parts Specialises in Premium high performance motorcycle
upgrades for road , race and track day enthusiasts . 

With now 14 years experience in the motorcycle parts & service industry you can be assured we know what we are talking about when it comes to performance modifications with great personal customer service. 

Official supplier for Brembo & Marchesini Racing Wheels with many more high performance brands.

Owned & operated in Perth, Western Australia.

We understand quality customer service and endeavor to make sure the customer always has a great memorable experience.  

Like you , we live & breathe motorcycles especially when it comes to modifying them. 

Feel free to ask us for any ideas on modifying your ride or if you have any other questions. 

We are always just as excited to see your personalised ride so make sure you send us some cool pics !

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