Honda GL1800 Recall in America and Canada Only

Honda Australia has today clarified that the American and Canadian recall of particular models of the Honda GL1800 does not apply to the Australian market.

Following recent reports in Australian media, Honda Australia would like to reassure local GL1800 owners that this recall applies to motorcycles in America and Canada only.

In December 2011, a safety recall due to a rear brake drag issue was announced for GL1800 2001 – 2010 models in America and Canada. It is important to note that there have been no reports of injuries or crashes related to this issue.

Currently, there have been no reported cases of rear brake drag in the Australian market.

While the cause analysis into the American failures is ongoing there will be no action within the Australian market. If as a result of the investigation into the cause of the symptom in the American market it is determined that Australian market is also affected, the appropriate action will be taken.

Affected local owners will be notified directly by Honda Australia if any action is required at a later date.

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