Ducati Scrambler Performance (Ingredients) Coming to an Authorised Dealer Near You!

Ducati Australia & NZ is excited to announce that a vast array of Ducati Performance ‘ingredients’ which can be used to personalise the Ducati Scrambler is now available for pre-order through the authorised Ducati Dealer network.

Available in the mix include chrome, matt black, or even carbon fibre tank side panels. Then there are a variety of solutions regarding the front mudguard, high plate holder, tank bag, canvas and leather panniers, full exhaust system, headlamp rim and grille, instrument panel rim, vintage grips, rear-view mirrors plus spoked wheels, four different seat versions and the low-slung tapered handlebars. Thanks to a wide range of ingredients, each Ducati Scrambler can be customised to suit any owner tastes.

Delivery is expected to arrive in April. Pre-orders are available through the authorised Ducati Dealer network.

More about the Ducati Scrambler

Named after the English word ‚to scramble? (mixing up, blending), the Ducati Scrambler is a form of expression of the rider’s identity and lifestyle. The four motorcycle versions (Icon, Full Throttle, Classic and Urban Enduro) are just a starting point to create an absolutely unique, personalised model.

With the Ducati Scrambler, Ducati presents not just a new motorcycle but rather a new brand, a new approach to the motorcycling world that offers not only performance and technology but also freedom of expression, fun and sharing of positive emotion.This is more than just a new bike: it’s a whole new world, one that expresses itself via a range of versions that provide a starting point for satisfying the different needs and wants of individual motorcyclists. ‚Post-heritage? design gives a contemporary take on the iconic bike built by Ducati back in the 70s. This Ducati Scrambler, though, is not a retro bike: it is, rather, intended to be just how the legendary motorcycle would be today if Ducati had never stopped building it.


Evo-line type-approved silencer. $1,849
Sport-line racing silencer. $1,649
Full Racing Exhaust System $2,389
Aluminium number plate support. $498
Billet aluminium frame plugs. $298
Billet aluminium Sprocket Cover $298
Black-Alu side panels. $298
Billet aluminium instruments trim. $198
Lower instrument panel cover. $198
Brake fluid reservoir cover. $98
Belly pan protective plate. $178
Billet aluminium headlight trim. $238
Headlight protection grille. $118
Frame for protection grille $78
Clamps for grille $198
Sport headlight fairing. $198
Tall plastic fibre material mudguard. $198
Aluminium handlebar cross-bar. $58
Set of two aluminium footpegs. $298
Set of two billet aluminium handlebar balancing weights. $138
Aluminium variable section handlebar. $158
Chromium-plated aluminium mudguard set. $438
Aluminium spoke rim set. $1,638
Urban Enduro Seat. $398
Classic leather seat. $398
Full-Throttle racing seat. $398
Lowered seat $298
Urban Enduro rear bag. $198
Urban Enduro magnetic tank bag. $298
Urban Enduro waterproof side bags set. $478
Full Throttle side bags set. $1,198
Classic side bags set. $518
Plug&play anti-theft system. $438
Scrambler canvas $258
Adhesive tank protector. $42
Set of Scrambler logos. $78
Logo “Icon” $78
Logo “Full Throttle” $78
Logo “Urban Enduro” $78

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