Condo Auto Sports Club

 15 Orange St,
New South Wales 2877

 0427 962 844

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Description: A fantastic weekend of offroad Motorbike and 4WD racing. The Condo 750 is an annual off road navigational rally for motorcycles, quads, cars and buggy’s.

Since the first race in 1988 the rally has become a local tradition, held annually on the second weekend in April.

The event attracts competitors from all over Australia including Dakar & Australian Safari riders Todd Smith,Jake Smith, Rod Faggoter and Damien Grabham, as well as numerous local and interstate competitors whose aim is just to finish the grueling 800 km track.

Outline Of event On average 150 competitors arrive in Condobolin on the Friday to be scrutineered for the event from 5pm until 10pm.

During Scrutineering there is a street parade, ‘show & shine’ to show off their race machines. Posters will be given to spectators for competitors to sign.

Saturday starts early with a short prologue track in order to determine competitors start order for the Race. The prologue although short is competitive and the time is included in the total for the weekend.

There are designated viewing areas for spectators to watch the prologue. The Race begins with motorbikes on one track and autos on the other, on the Sunday they swap tracks.

Viewing areas will be marked and maps will be available for spectators.

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