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Description: We are currently the largest BMW Club (bike or car) in Australia.

The BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria is based in Melbourne and was founded by a small group of twenty members in 1975, holding its inaugural meeting on the 26th May. We’re now a club with 800+ members throughout Victoria and interstate.          The club offers numerous benefits to its members ranging from friendship provided by companionship of fellow enthusiasts to numerous social opportunities, and even assistance with working on your own bike.

Family involvement is encouraged with the club offering family days such as the annual awards lunch, Christmas party, Christmas camp and other functions throughout the year.                                             The prime objective is to encourage motorcycling with all club activities circling around that objective.

Membership is open to all motorcycle enthusiasts and their families.

Full membership is restricted to owners of BMW motorcycles.

Family memberships provide for partners and any children under 18 years of age. Only one person in a family membership may vote.

Associate memberships are available for those who do not own a BMW motorcycle, for those who own a motorcycle of a different brand or those who do not own a motorcycle at all but have an appreciation of the BMW marque.

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