Best Motorcycle Style | Community Vote 2023

Welcome to Australian Motorcyclist’s celebration of style and design with our ‘Best Motorcycle Style Community Vote 2023’. This year, we’re shining a spotlight on the diverse range of motorcycle styles that have captivated riders and enthusiasts alike. From sleek sports bikes to rugged adventurers, our selection reflects the rich tapestry of motorcycle design.

To ensure our focus remains on style and character, we’ve chosen to limit our list to a specific range of motorcycles, leaving out heavier and larger models. This decision helps us keep the spotlight on styles that are particularly distinct and accessible, especially for those new to the world of motorcycling. Dive into our collection and prepare to cast your vote for the bike that best represents the spirit of 2023’s motorcycle style.

Adventure Sport

Adventure Sport motorcycles are designed for riders who crave versatility and performance in various riding conditions. These bikes combine the off-road capabilities of adventure bikes with the agility and speed of sport bikes. They typically feature long-travel suspension, high ground clearance, and robust engines. This makes them suitable for tackling rough terrain, yet they retain a sporty edge for spirited road riding. Adventure Sport bikes are ideal for those who want a balance between exploring off-road trails and enjoying twisty roads.

Adventure Touring

Adventure Touring motorcycles are built for long-distance travel, especially over mixed terrain. They offer a blend of comfort, reliability, and off-road capability. These bikes usually come equipped with large fuel tanks, comfortable seating, and ample luggage capacity, making them perfect for extended journeys. Their long-travel suspension and durable tires enable riders to comfortably navigate through highways, gravel roads, and even more challenging off-road conditions. They are the ideal choice for riders looking to embark on long, adventurous trips.


Cruiser motorcycles are known for their laid-back riding position, with low seat heights and forward foot controls. These bikes are designed for relaxed, comfortable rides, often over long distances on highways. Cruisers often feature large engines with a lot of torque, but not necessarily high horsepower. Their styling ranges from classic to modern, but they typically showcase a lot of chrome and sweeping lines. These bikes are popular among those who enjoy leisurely rides with a focus on comfort and style.


Naked motorcycles, also known as standard or street bikes, are known for their minimalistic design, stripping away excess bodywork to reveal the engine and frame. They offer a more upright riding position, making them comfortable for a variety of riding situations, from city commuting to spirited backroad riding. Naked bikes range from entry-level to high-performance models, offering a balance of practicality and fun. They appeal to riders who want a straightforward, versatile motorcycle without the extra frills.

Super Motard

Super Motard, or Supermoto bikes, originate from a fusion of road racing and motocross. These motorcycles are characterized by their lightweight, agile handling and are equipped with a high-performance engine, road tires, and upgraded suspension. Super Motards excel in tight, twisty roads and urban environments due to their nimble nature and ability to handle jumps and slides. They are a favorite among riders who enjoy a playful and dynamic riding experience, especially in urban settings.

Sport Touring

Sport Touring motorcycles blend the comfort and luggage capacity of touring bikes with the performance and agility of sport bikes. They are designed for long-distance travel with a more sporty riding position and better handling than traditional touring bikes. These motorcycles often come with amenities like adjustable windshields, heated grips, and electronic assists, making them suitable for both long highway stretches and winding mountain roads. They are ideal for riders who enjoy spirited riding but also value comfort on longer journeys.

Super Sport

Super Sport motorcycles are high-performance machines built primarily for speed and agility. Inspired by racing bikes, they feature powerful engines, lightweight frames, and advanced suspension systems. With a focus on aerodynamics, they often have a crouched riding position and full fairings. Super Sport bikes are at home on the racetrack but are also popular among riders who enjoy pushing the limits on twisty roads. They are best suited for experienced riders seeking the thrill of high-speed riding.


Touring motorcycles are designed for long-distance travel, offering maximum comfort and luggage capacity. They are typically larger, with big, smooth engines for effortless highway cruising. These bikes offer features like fairings for wind protection, large seats for rider and passenger comfort, and advanced entertainment and navigation systems. Touring motorcycles are ideal for riders who take extended trips and value comfort, convenience, and the ability to carry gear and a passenger with ease.

As our journey through the myriad styles of 2023’s motorcycles concludes, we hope you’ve been inspired by the variety and creativity on display. This is your chance to have a say in which style stands out the most this year. We invite you to cast your vote in our Community Vote, contributing to a celebration of motorcycle design and aesthetics. Your participation not only acknowledges the creativity of manufacturers but also reflects the preferences and trends within our vibrant riding community. Thank you for joining us in this celebration of style, and remember, every vote is a nod to the artistry and innovation that keeps the world of motorcycling so exhilarating.

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