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Responding to the current growing trend for café racer inspired custom builds, SDG Moto

Custom & Café are happy to showcase their universal, adjustable rearsets.

Machined in high detail from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, the brake and shift arms both feature

‘Dual-in-line’ sealed ball bearings. The actuation arms have four adjustment positions retained

by pins, that can be easily set up due to the hex nut system being on the outside. Additionally,

the entire assembly can be removed from the bike as all of the hardware can be accessed from

the outside with Allen keys.

The rearsets are fully adjustable, with top or bottom mounting, with intermediate adjustments

available. Two positions are available for the ‘shift and brake’ pegs with the farthest position

ideal for larger footed riders as it has approximately 14.6cm centreline distance from shift peg

centre to foot peg centre. The rearsets are supplied in either a black or clear anodized finish,

and all mounting hardware has a gold zinc finish.

These universal rearsets are ball milled in the USA from aircraft grade alloy by people that

manufacture aircraft componentry, and as such their quality is second to none.

Being a Universal Rearset, your imagination is the only limit on the use and positioning on your

machine. Perfect for Café or Classic Racers, or any motorcycle that wants a comfortable riding


Online orders only.


RRP: $250 plus shipping


(Price current as at 16/4/2014. Price may vary due to exchange rate.)


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