SHOCK! Michael Dunlop disqualified from Monster Energy Supersport Race 1

Two riders disqualified from Monster Energy Supersport race. One being 2nd place man, Michael Dunlop! 

Statement regarding Michael Dunlop disqualification –

“Mar-Train Racing confirmed that they supplied Michael Dunlop and MD Racing with a Yamaha R6 engine for the Monster Energy Supersport TT. Unfortunately this engine has been found to be illegal and Michael has subsequently been disqualified from the result.

The illegal element within this engine was a set of coated cam buckets which had been legal two years ago when the engine was originally built. This has been a spare engine and as such was fully refreshed to again be a spare engine for the 2016 TT.

An oversight due in part to personnel changes in the team as well as a change in engine builder has meant that this obvious irregularity was missed. Mar-Train’s crew-chief, mistakenly assumed that this engine had seen use in 2015 and that it would be in compliance with the rules. The engine builder, subsequently, and in good faith, refreshed and prepared the engine as Michael Dunlop received it”.

Shane Wogan – Wogan Performance
“We replaced all known components associated with wear and tear, known as an engine refresh, however regretfully overlooked the specifications of the Cam buckets as they were not a component that would have suffered from this wear and tear. We are devastated that Michael Dunlop and the MD Racing team have been disqualified over an issue that we as a business completely overlooked. We would like to apologies to Mar-Train Racing, Michael, MD Racing and the technical inspectors for the inconvenience we have caused.”

We trust that anyone who knows the team, including the TT technical inspectors, will understand that this embarrassing oversight does not reflect the specification of machine we usually put on the grid. It goes without saying that the rider being excluded from the results could very well have been our own in this instance.

We are gutted for Michael, his team and sponsors and can only apologise for this oversight on our behalf. We fully understand the effort that goes into achieving a TT podium and can therefore appreciate just how they must feel right now”.

The second rider was Rob Hodson who came in 14th. His engine was found to be, “significantly oversized”.

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