Rev Up for the 2023 Triumph Street Triple RS: A Ride Like No Other

Motorbiking enthusiasts welcome a two-wheeled sensation set to rule our streets in 2023. A dynamo of raw power and agility, Triumph’s Street Triple RS is an unapologetically audacious masterpiece that is guaranteed to leave pulses racing and palms itching to grip the handlebars. We at AusMotorcyclist couldn’t resist sharing our impressions of this electrifying machine after taking it out on the road.

Standout Specifications

The heart of the Street Triple RS is a liquid-cooled 12-valve double overhead cam inline three-cylinder engine that belts out an impressive 128bhp at 12,000 RPM and peak torque of 80Nm at 9,500 RPM. Also enfolded into this noble steed are Triumph’s up and down quick-shifter, a six-speed gearbox, and a multipurpose slipper clutch.

The Street Triple RS has a generous tank capacity of 17.4 litres and handles impeccably, courtesy of its adjustable forks and a rear monoshock suspension with 131mm of travel. And with a 5-inch full-colour TFT display, riders can choose between five rider modes- rain, road, sport, track, and custom.

Put to the Test: Ride Impressions

For those not easily swayed by impressive specs, the ride experience leaves no room for doubt. As soon as you climb onto the machine, the lightness is apparent, making for nimble and responsive handling in congested city traffic and effortlessly exhilarating rides on twisty roads.

From effortless acceleration to its superb braking capability, the Street Triple RS delivers a finely balanced, powerful, yet remarkably smooth ride. The bike inspires confidence, not just in any seasoned motorcyclist but even in the uninitiated rider who takes a cautious first ride. 

Striking Design; Aggressive Aesthetics

Make no mistake, the Triumph Street Triple RS is a statement maker. Some might consider it aggressive— we think it’s simply bold. Our reviewers fell into two camps when it came to the bug-eyed headlights, but all agreed on the overall design packaging – it commands attention.

Despite its somewhat aggressive aesthetics, Triumph Street Triple RS delivers a surprisingly comfortable ride thanks to its remarkable leverage provided by wide handlebars. And while a few found the TFT display’s text slightly too small, Triumph deserves credit for its effort to make every detail perfect.


Despite the polarising opinions about its looks, Triumph Street Triple RS’s superb power delivery, handling, confidence-inspiring ride experience, and satisfying engine note make it a potential favourite among riders. This motorcycle is a testament that aesthetics play second fiddle to the ride experience, which, in this case, is nothing short of spectacular. 

To 2023 and Beyond

The Triumph 2023 Street Triple RS truly oozes cutting-edge technology paired with thrilling performance that will captivate the most seasoned and novice riders alike. Even with its modern edge design that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the Triple RS is an unparalleled symbol of the future—an embodiment of where modern motorcycling is heading. This fiery powerhouse will be hitting the tarmac sooner than you think. Prepare to have your biking experience redefined.

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