PCRA 1hr – Pre Mod F1

Our Editor, Stuart Woodbury along with IomTT racer, Alex Pickett started the Period 5, Period 6, Pre Modern F1 & F2 Post Classic Racing Association 1hr endurance race held at Wakefield Park Raceway with a bang, qualifying on pole by 1.457 seconds faster than the rest of the field.

Stuart started the race and after the customary Le Mans start, got away 3rd. He quickly moved up to 2nd and was preparing to challenge for the lead when he tried to find a different line through turn 8 for a better run and found that line doesn’t exist! He ran off the track and went back to 5th.

He again made his way quickly back up to 3rd and caught back up to the leaders when a back markers engine exploded coating the front straight and turn one with oil.

The race was red flagged after a couple more laps and not rerun, due to hold-ups earlier in the day and no time left in the day to properly clean the track.
Stuart and Alex were well on track to win by quite some distance, but, that’s racing!

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