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Here’s a good easy to follow guide of proper chain maintenance from Motul –


Depending on your individual style of riding, weather conditions and load, please check the chain every 500-1000 km for signs of wear, correct level of tension and, of course, sufficient lubrication.

The chain should also be regreased after every extended journey in the rain.


Before greasing the chain, remove and heavy grime with the effective MOTUL Chain Clean.  Over time, oil, dust and worn materials clog together to form pasty clumps.  These abrasive clumps shorten the service life of the entire chain kit through increased wear.  A dry and clean chain is more desirable for quality effectiveness of the chain spray.

Place the motorcycle on the main stand.  Please use an assembly stand if your machine only has a side stand.  Wheel-turning aids are available from motorcycle specialists which make it possible to move the rear wheel of a motorcycle even when it is parked in the side stand.  Turn the rear wheel by hand to set the chain in motion, then spray the links on all sides with the special MOTUL Chain Clean.  Keep the chain running until all the links have been covered with the cleaner.

Leave the cleaner to soak in briefly, then clean the links on all sides using a brush.

Never use a brush made of steel wire or similar material, as this could damage the ring seal between the link, causing the grease to leak.  The chain would then also wear out very quickly.

To protect the environment and to avoid any stains, please use an oil pan or place a large piece of cardboard under the chain.

After cleaning the chain, rub it dry with a link-free cloth.  This should also remove any remaining grime.  Please repeat the process if the grime persists, or pay special attention to affected points.

Once the chain is clean and dry, you can start to regrease it.  MOTUL Chain Lube Road is ideal for road-use motorcycles.  The high performance MOTUL Chain Paste also offers extremely high adhesion so that no chain grease is thrown off, even at high speeds.  Apply a thin even layer of MOTUL Chain Paste with the brush integrated in the tube.

The spray head including capillary tube lets you apply the spray with great precision.  Turn the rear wheel to move the chain and apply a thin even layer of MOTUL chain spray.  Only apply the spray to the inside of the chain to distribute the chain grease in the best possible way, ensuring that all links are covered.  If any chain spray should land on the wheelm this can be removed easily with a soft cloth and MOTUL Chain Clean.

Do not drive off immediately after spraying the chain.  The grease contains solvents for excellent flow characteristics and optimum distribution.  Excellent adhesion is achieved after an airing time of only 10-15 minutes.

If you’d rather no wait, you could lubricate the chain immediately after parking the bike in the evening while the chain is still warm.

For more information on the MOTUL Chain range, click here

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