More power and sophistication for Super Ten

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Super Tenere’s rugged chassis and powerful twin-cylinder engine make it an ideal all-rounder that can handle everything from sport touring through to long distance riding and even daily commuting.

For 2014 the XTZ1200 Super Ténéré receives a number of important detail changes, equipment upgrades and weight saving measures for the new model year.

And the line-up is reinforced with the arrival of the new XTZ1200E Super Ténéré which offers the highest specification ever seen on a Yamaha Adventure bike.

XTZ1200 Super Ténéré 
Comprehensive upgrades, more power and less weight
For 2014 the Super Ténéré benefits from a long list of significant upgrades to both the engine and chassis in order to refine its riding character and increase its sportiness and comfort levels.

Uprated engine characteristics have been achieved by making a number of changes to the engine, including the use of enlarged intake and exhaust ports, as well as revised camshaft and piston ring designs, together with the use of a new exhaust system. These refinements result in a smoother and better engine character, and also provide an extra 2bhp.

The quality of the transmission has also been enhanced with the adoption of a new rubber shock absorber in the clutch assembly, and the shaft drive system is equipped with an improved damper design in the engine housing.

Enhanced D-MODE mapping for more excitement
Subtle but important changes that have taken place in the bike’s D-MODE mapping system. By amending the software and adjusting the ‘T’ and ‘S’ settings, Yamaha’s designers have been able to achieve a more enjoyable and desirable engine running character in a variety of conditions.

The 2014 model benefits from fine-tuning to both the ‘T’ (Tour) and ‘S’ (Sport) modes. The result is a more relaxed and easy running character is ‘T’ mode for more manageable performance in traffic, while the revised ‘S’ mode mapping delivers more exhilarating and exciting sport riding with enhanced driveability from mid to high speeds.

New LCD instruments with Gear Position Indicator
For 2014 the XTZ1200 Super Ténéré also features a large number of improvements to the chassis components, chief among them being the fitment of new LCD instrumentation that features a comprehensive LCD display which includes a Gear Position Indicator.

New adjustable windscreen and tapered aluminium handlebars
A new 4-position manually adjustable windscreen offers excellent wind protection, and is equipped with a new accessory holder. New aluminium tapered handlebars are mounted to a new handlebar crown for reduced vibration.

Cruise Control fitted as standard
Long distance riders will appreciate the fitment of Cruise Control as standard equipment for the new model year. This simple to operate system not only takes the strain out of long haul trips, but it also allows riders to observe speed limits without having to take their eyes off the road ahead.

Improved cosmetics
Compact new LED flashers give the bike a contemporary feel and also withstand off road knocks better than traditional bulbs, and extra protection under the headlight assembly will also be welcomed by adventure riders.

Changes to the rear end include a redesigned tail cover, and together with a new low-profile stitchless seat this gives a more natural upright riding position. The muffler now features a small protector, and finally the latest model is fitted with a newly designed forged aluminium sidestand.

XTZ1200E – most advanced Yamaha adventure model
In addition to the standard model Super Ten, YMA is pleased to introduce the sophisticated new XTZ1200E Super Ténéré. This model offers greater choice to riders who are looking for the ultimate long-distance Yamaha adventure bike.

Electronically adjustable suspension
The machine is closely based on the standard 2014-specification model, and so the majority of the new technical features apply to this new model. The most significant upgrade that is featured on the new high-specification XTZ1200E Super Ténéré is the all-new electronically adjustable suspension, which offers the adventure rider the option to make suspension adjustments while on the move.

The new system is operated by a multi-function handlebar switch, and allows the rider to select from four preload settings and three damping force settings, to give 12 main options. The system also offers the rider the opportunity to select from another 7 levels, and this easy-to-operate system offers a total of 84 fine tuning settings, all of them available at the flick of a switch.

This system is of particular use on a machine like the XTZ1200E Super Ténéré, which is designed to experience a wide variation of roads and load carrying conditions.

Also fitted as standard equipment on this top of the range model are grip warmers which offer the rider a choice of three heat settings. Other equipment that comes as standard include a top case base, assist grip, main stand and hand protectors, which are also available as accessories for the standard model.

As a finishing touch the XTZ1200E Super Ténéré is also fitted with a suede-look seat cover, giving it an exclusive look that underlines its position as most advanced Adventure class model ever produced by Yamaha.

XTZ1200/E Super Ténéré Technical Highlights

  • Refined engine with enhanced D-MODE switchable mapping characteristics:
    • More relaxed and easy feeling in ‘T’ mode
    • More exhilarating and exciting sport riding in ‘S’ mode
    • Enhanced driveability from mid to high speed range
    • Improved acceleration feeling and at higher rpm
  • Smoother shifting up and down between 2nd and 3rd gear
  • New manually-adjustable 4-position screen with GPS holder
  • New cruise control for more relaxed long distance touring
  • Enlarged intake and exhaust ports
  • Lighter camshaft assembly
  • Redesigned piston rings
  • New exhausts
  • Enhanced shaft drive damper assembly
  • New rubber clutch damper adopted
  • Reduced weight
  • New LCD instruments with multi-function display
  • New Gear Position Indicator
  • New Compact LED flashers
  • New extra protection cover under headlights
  • New tapered aluminium handlebars
  • New handlebar crown and bar holder
  • New enhanced more upright riding position
  • New redesigned 2-tone stitchless low-profile dual seat
  • New tail cover
  • New small muffler protector
  • New wing mirrors
  • New redesigned forged aluminium sidestand

Note ‘E’ model also comes with electrically operated suspension, heated grips, centre stand, handguards and top case base.

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