Harley-Davidson Unleashes Big Twin Revolution

Largest-ever Harley-Davidson® product development project launches with brand new Fat Boy,® Heritage Classic, Low Rider,® Softail Slim,® Deluxe, Breakout,® Fat Bob® and Street Bob® motorcycles.

Eight brand new Softail® custom motorcycles ready for 2018
All with stiffer, lighter steel frame and swingarm plus premium front and rear suspension
Powered by the new Milwaukee-Eight® 107 engine, with a stock 114 option also available
Authentic style and contemporary design blends to combine unique and stunning looks
To celebrate the 115th Global Anniversary year of Harley-Davidson® the Motor Company is launching a complete revolution: Eight all-new Softail® models that merge the hard-riding performance of the Dyna® line with the unparalleled custom look of the Softail line.

Designed under the largest product development project in company history, the new bikes feature a stiffer and significantly lighter frame built to harness the high torque output of the new dual-counterbalanced Milwaukee-Eight® 107 and 114 engines.

With high-performance dual-bending valve front suspension and an easily adjustable hidden rear mono-shock, the aggressively styled 2018 Softail models are lighter and better handling than any of their Big Twin cruiser predecessors.

Paul James, manager of Product Portfolio, Harley-Davidson Motor Company:
“The new Softails are the result of the most extensive research and development program in the company’s history. Thousands of hours of research and testing were put into the complete ground-up design of these new cruisers. We focused on taking the total rider experience to a higher level, where authenticity, heritage and soul meet the modern edge of technology for a ride that must be felt to believe.”

Interpreting the authenticity and styling DNA of Harley-Davidson through a modern lens, the eight new Softails feature all-new designs that strongly differentiate them from their predecessors and each other. And from a new base of style, comfort and performance the next generation of factory custom cruisers is ready for riders to elevate even further with their own personalisation.

Brad Richards, vice president of Styling and Design, Harley-Davidson Motor Company:
“The authenticity of Harley-Davidson design comes by sweating the details from start to finish. It’s ‘hard to do and hard to copy.’ Harley-Davidson motorcycles are not a commodity; they are handed down from generation to generation. We look at every nut and bolt on the bike, all the finishes, and every small detail. The new Softail frame is like a piece of art and the more you take off the bike, the more beautiful it becomes. Its design speaks to the teamwork that our styling and engineering processes demand.”

The handling of a Softail now enters a new era with a lighter, more rigid frame that elevates form and function to a higher plane, while maintaining the classic look of a hardtail and delivering a thoroughly modern ride. Benefits of the new chassis include increased lean angles for many models, sharper turn-in response, quicker acceleration, lighter weight and easier side-stand lift off than previous models.

A new high stiffness carbon steel tubular frame forms the core of the 2018 Softail chassis and combined with the swingarm significantly increases the rigidity of the chassis. The frame itself is 65% stiffer than the outgoing Softail design, which leads to a 34% increase in overall chassis stiffness. Its design also achieves reduced complexity with a 50% reduction in component parts and 22% reduction in welds.

There are two unique swingarms, one for narrow and one for wide rear tyres. The wide chassis is 5.89kg (15%) lighter, while the narrow chassis shaves 8.16kg (20%). The swingarm transfers rear wheel movement to the under-seat monoshock while maintaining the pure, classic lines of a hardtail frame.

Brand new high-performance dual-bending valve front suspension – first introduced on 2017 Touring models – delivers damping performance that’s similar to a cartridge fork but with improved, more responsive damping characteristics. It’s optimised for both comfortable cruising and spirited riding with 130mm of travel. Revised rake and trail also enhance handling ability.

The new mono-shock rear suspension preserves the classic hardtail look while revamped geometry improves ride quality, traction and control. Easily adjustable for spring preload it enables a 217kg range of payload capacity for increased passenger comfort and optimum handling.

The all-new Softail models are up to 17kg lighter than before, delivering an improved power-to-weight ratio that provides quicker acceleration, better braking and dynamic cornering capability combined with increased lean angles for many models. Some models feature new tyres specifically designed to work with the new Softail chassis and feature optimised constructions and improved compounds for confident, long-wearing performance in all riding conditions. New seat designs and materials provide an improved fit for a wider range of riders and greater comfort for cruising.

All 2018 Softail models get a new heartbeat from the new Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 and 114 V-Twins. Milwaukee-Eight engines retain the iconic 45-degree V-Twin cylinder angle with a broad-shouldered top end accentuated by a single camshaft design that tapers to a slim bottom end for a muscular contour.

The new Softail frame’s rigid mounting points are engineered to tightly package the engine and reinforce chassis stiffness. Milwaukee-Eight engines for Softail models also feature a refined, dual internally counter-balanced system that reduces engine vibration while maintaining the familiar Harley-Davidson feel. The Harley-Davidson trademark ‘potato-potato-potato’ sound comes through strong with less intake and mechanical noise.

The two displacement options available:

Milwaukee-Eight™ 107
(107 CID; 1745cc) Standard on all models

100mm bore and 111.1mm stroke, with 10.0:1 compression ratio
Up to 16% quicker acceleration than the High Output Twin Cam 103
Milwaukee-Eight™ 114
(114 CID; 1868cc)

Available on four models: Fat Bob 114, Fat Boy 114, Breakout 114, Heritage Classic 114
102mm bore and 114.3mm stroke, with 10.5:1 compression ratio
Ventilator Intake with 114 graphics and badging
Standard ABS
Up to 13% faster acceleration than the Milwaukee-Eight 107

Fat Boy®
The legendary Fat Boy motorcycle that defined contemporary custom style for decades has outdone itself. Ripped and refined satin-chrome finishes deliver a bold, muscular styling statement showing off its powerful engine and new and improved ride and handling.

Aggressive, steamroller stance and front end design
Modern-day interpretation of the classic headlight nacelle
A 160mm front tyre, the widest-ever on a Harley-Davidson production model, wraps the solid Lakester front wheel
16kg weight reduction to previous model
Standard ABS
240mm rear tyre with solid Lakester rear wheel
Optional: Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine
Priced from $30,995 AUD and $32,495 rideaway.
Heritage Classic
Design cues evoke the blacked-out styling of vintage 1950s Harley-Davidson models, updated with a modern edge.

New detachable windscreen
New rigid, lockable, sealed, water-resistant saddlebags
Taller suspension with increased passenger and cargo payload capacity
17kg weight reduction to previous model
Optional: Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine
Standard cruise control and ABS
Priced from $31,750 AUD and $33,250 NZD rideaway.
Low Rider®
Inspired by the individualism of the ’70s custom chopper era that birthed the original, the new Low Rider is lighter and faster with corner-carving handling unimaginable back in the day.

Throwback-style dual tank-mount speedo and tachometer gauges, headlight visor and fuel tank graphics
19-inch front and 16-inch rear Radiate cast wheels
2-into-2 Shotgun exhaust
Priced from $24,250 AUD and $25,495 NZD rideaway.
Softail Slim®
Stripped to its essential elements, the Slim pays homage to post-war custom bobbers with a narrow rear end, trimmed front fender, solo seat and minimal chrome.

Dark finishes adorn the laced wheels, Hollywood handlebar, and all-new front-end design
Low-slung tuck and roll seat
Bold and smooth new front nacelle and fork cover styling
17kg weight reduction to previous model
Priced from $26,250 AUD and $27,250 NZD rideaway.
A classic hi-line showstopper that stands out on any street, the Deluxe glistens with bright chrome while delivering the ride of a seriously modern machine.

Signature all-LED lighting from front to back: headlight, Tombstone taillight and blade-like turn signals
Signature pull-back handlebar
17kg weight reduction to previous model
Priced from $29,495 AUD and $30,995 NZD rideaway.
With more lean angle and agility than ever imagined in a bike carrying so much dragster attitude and style, the Breakout model takes long, lean muscle to a modern edge.

New smooth-top 13.2 litre fuel tank
Long and wide with low-slung raked out 49mm front forks
18-inch rear (240mm tyre) and 21-inch front (130mm tyre) Gasser-style gloss-black powder coated cast aluminium wheels
Distinctive Daymaker Signature LED headlamp
Low-profile riser-mounted digital instrument screen
17kg weight reduction to previous model
Optional: Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine
Priced from $31,250 AUD and $32,750 NZD rideaway.
Fat Bob®
Tarmac-eating traction, pothole-devouring suspension, agile cornering and a blacked-out take-no-prisoners look make the Fat Bob a groundbreaking motorcycle that could only come from Harley-Davidson.

2-1-2 upswept performance exhaust with a custom finish
Largest aggressively treaded tyres from the Motor Company: 150 mm front and 180 mm rear
Dual disc front brakes
13.2 litre fuel tank
15kg weight reduction to previous model
Inverted 43mm cartridge style front forks
Optional: Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine
Priced from $27,495 AUD and $28,750 NZD rideaway.
Street Bob®
A bare-bones bike with go-anywhere DNA, the Street Bob motorcycle has a fists-in-the-wind attitude with nothing extra to weigh it down.

Smooth-top 13.2 litre fuel tank
Black spoke wheels with chopped fenders
Low-profile riser-mounted digital instrument screen
7kg weight reduction to previous model
Lowest rideaway RRP in Softail range
Priced from $23,495 AUD and $24,495 NZD rideaway.


Unique Daymaker Signature LED Headlamps on all models
Improved electrical system charging, more than doubled at idle speeds
Easily adjustable rear shock pre-load settings (method varies by model)
Under seat spanner wrench: Softail Slim, Street Bob, Low Rider
External hand adjustment knob: Fat Bob, Fat Boy, Breakout
Under seat socket adjustment: Deluxe, Heritage Classic
New instrumentation
Keyless ignition and security system standard remains standard from previous models
Steering head mounted USB charge port
New fuel tanks
The full lineup of new 2018 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, gear and accessories start rolling into Harley-Davidson® dealerships very soon – for more information visit www.h-d.com.au

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