A Harley-Davidson Guide to Customisation

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Welcome to Harley-Davidson’s Guide to Customization, designed to inspire Harley riders to turn their bike into a two-wheeled expression of their soul and create a one-of-a-kind, dream ride. Harley-Davidson’s aim is to help our customers fashion a masterpiece, stamped with personality through the 10,000-plus Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories on offer.


When it comes to customisation, there are no limits and the final destination is whatever a rider wants. Likewise there are no set rules; no right way or wrong way to customise. The basis for inspiration can come from Harley-Davidson’s own Inspiration Gallery, a custom machine they saw on the street, at a show, a H-D dealer, at the movies, in a magazine or from their own free-form creativity.  Harley-Davidson customers may have a clear vision in mind to complete their dream look all at once; others may add accessories over time as they gradually develop the concept or get used to how their ride handles on the street.


This guide is designed to outline the various elements that riders must consider when customizing their motorcycle, including fit, function, style, performance and garage.



Fit is all about having the best on road experience and ensuring comfort; varied riding styles, distances and body types call for different accessories.

Various elements make up the fit of a motorcycle.

Examples include:



Handlebars should fit comfortably and within easy reach – handlebar styles and positioning should be considered to suit an individual’s riding position and compliment the style of customisation that the rider wants to achieve, whether it’s the Hollywood and pullback styles to drag bars, ape hangers (both mini and fat) and beach style bars.


Foot controls

Feet positioning, altered for example by the addition of forward controls or highway pegs, can dramatically change a riding position to allow the rider maximum comfort. Options include reduced or extended reach kits. Alternatively, a rider may want to opt for mid or forward control conversion, depending on what best suits their riding style or the type of roads being ridden on. A vast variety of pegs and footboards can complete the look.


Ride height

Lowering suspension or changing to a different profile saddle can alter the ride height of a motorcycle so a rider’s feet rest more comfortably on the ground whilst the bike is stationary.


H-D Genuine Motor Accessories Seats come in a huge variety of styles, profiles and heights for each Harley-Davidson model family. Options range from retro-sprung solo saddles to adjustable rider / pillion backrests (complete with arm rest options also). Each option considers both ergonomics and style. A variety of finishes and colours are available.


For the more bespoke look, Harley-Davidson’s Custom Seat Program offers the perfect means to thread the look of a bike together. With options to select colour, stitching patterns and the leather inlay to best support an individuals every need. Custom Seats are available in Brawler solo and Sidekick two-up designs and are styled to accent the lines of some Sportster models, Dyna, Softail and Touring models whilst providing maximum rider support.



Function refers to how a motorcycle meets the needs of its rider out on the road. From urban cruising to long-distance touring, there’s an extensive range of H-D Genuine Motor Accessories that can improve the bikes functionality for its owner, including:


Wind protection

Harley-Davidson offers a variety of Genuine Motor Accessories windshields, each specifically designed to deflect air pressure past a rider’s chest and over their helmet. Windshields, both fixed and detachable, are tailored to an individual’s body shape and preferred riding stance. Wind protection from options such as the Wind Splitter Vented Windshield lessen fatigue on longer journeys and ensures maximum comfort as buffeting is reduced.


Saddlebags & Luggage

On-bike storage including panniers (both hard and soft, faux and genuine leather) and luggage racks – which come as both permanent and detachable fixtures – offer safe storage options to ensure riders aren’t lumbered with heavy backpacks and eliminate the danger of luggage coming loose whilst the bike is in motion. The Premium Touring Luggage Collection, designed by riders for riders, is tastefully styled to protect contents and offers everything ever desired in a bag and more.


Sissy bars and back rests

Backrests and sissy bars provide back support for pillions on longer journeys, also offering added comfort for pillions under acceleration. Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories® offer a number of unique features, including options with detachable or fixed mounting as well as numerous styles of back rest pads and sissy bar height.



Additional lights can be added for night-time riding to improve vision and safety. Available in a number of styles, options range from auxiliary additions, LED indicator and brake lights, euro-inspired LED projector beam headlamps. Each equips an individual’s bike with accessories which offer performance and enhanced style.


Boom! Audio

Boom! Audio offers superior quality on-bike entertainment in the shape of a surround sound audio system letting riders make the most of radio / MP3 and CD on H-D  Touring models or to add audio to Dyna and Softail.



Harley-Davidson’s heritage and design is synonymous with style. With more than 10,000 Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories on offer, riders can create a bespoke, unique look to tailor the image of their motorcycle to suit their individuality, as well as their preferred fit and function.


From retro-cool to cutting-edge contemporary, Harley-Davidson offers something for every desired look. A bikes image can be conjured through thousands of facets, including special edition paint schemes offered in a myriad of designs, colours and finishes; custom seats and custom wheels; engine and chassis trim, headlights,  drive belt covers, oil and air filters, fuel caps, mirrors, levers and pegs – all adding to a powerful visual statement.


Harley-Davidson STYLE options include:


Hard Candy Custom

With big flake paint and retro nostalgia, Hard Candy Custom themed products offer a classic look. Paired with accessories such as Diamond-stitched solo seats, grips, engine trim and chrome-fronted kits, Hard Candy Flake paint completes the look. Available as part of Harley-Davidson’s Color Shop Core paint series and available all year round – the unique colour option takes its muse from 1960’s and 70s California and Latino-themed customisation popular at the time. Think bright tints, highly polished chrome and nostalgic finishes – a perfect portrayal of the American dream.


Burst Collection

The Burst Collection offers riders a cutting-edge contemporary feel that splits from tradition to take the look in a fresh, hard-edged direction. A rich mix of tuxedo black and machined aluminum finishing results in a combination of perfectly formed contrasting edges to suit both classic and new-age styles. Options range from engine covers, air cleaner kits and exhaust end caps to pegs, footboards, speaker trim and saddlebag latches to offer individuals the chance to completely overhaul their bike with the theme – or likewise, pick and choose the accessories they want to use to style their look.


Colour Shop Custom Paint – Limited Series

From flames and skulls to classic two-tone, the Limited Series completes the custom look. With just 200 individually numbered sets available worldwide throughout each model year, each Limited Series paint job offers that exclusive, one-of-a-kind look.  Hand-picked artists, hand-finished painting techniques and finishing quality ensure customers are able to achieve the style they desire. 



Custom wheels offer one of the easiest ways to revamp the look of a motorcycle. Available in various finishes – from Chrome to Black Ice – and various materials, the Harley-Davidson ranges offers over 40 options, with matching sprockets and brake rotators also available.


Forged, cast or laced, the custom wheels options available offer the chance to completely alter the side profile of a motorcycle with unmatched quality and variety in a number of newly introduced styles.



Performance can be improved by the addition of a range of Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts. Screamin’ Eagle engine components offer the ultimate enhancements for the track. A result of research and Harley-Davidson’s motorsports history, Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts can improve horsepower, torque and even economy. 


Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts include:


High Performance Motors

The ultimate race-only application – a track-ready 120R cubic inch uprated Crate Motor engine to provide the racing enthusiast with a bolt-in upgrade worthy of any track. If power is optimum, the 135+ horsepower on offer is a must!


Engine Upgrade Kits

Crate Engine Shortblock Assembly and Twin Cam Stage Kits offer the perfect building blocks to help customers create the engine of their dreams! With 6-Speed Transmission and Gear Set options also available, Harley-Davidson engines can be uprated to suit the rider.


Full Exhaust / Muffler Systems

Cue the orchestra! Specially tuned exhausts and mufflers provide the classic deep bass rumble. From Street Performance Slip-On Mufflers to Header Pipes and End Caps, Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories exhaust options ensure each rider can obtain the sound, performance and style they desire from their ‘pipes.’


Air Cleaner / Filter Kits

Designed to maximise the engine’s air intake with bold and beautiful styling in a variety of forged aluminum styles, either in chrome or cut-back black. Screamin’ Eagle High-Flow K&N® Air Filter Element and Extreme Billet Air Cleaner kits add to the look, feel and noise of the engine.



Protecting motorcycles from the elements and the environment is vital to the upkeep of your customisation. The Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories Garage range has been designed and formulated over thousands of hours of testing and development.


Ranging from cleaning and polishing kits to lubricants and oil, Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories maintenance products offer customers the chance to ensure their pride and joy is looked after in the best possible way – with products specifically designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.


Other products include a variety of motorcycle covers, versatile storage configurations, service lifts, tools, security systems and more.


H-D1 Custom Shop

Harley-Davidson is making the thrill of “the build” even easier for customers with the H-D1 Custom Shop. An Australian first, this interactive mobile showroom brings to life the extensive 800+ page catalogue of Harley-Davidson Genuine Parts & Accessories, including all new 2013 collections.


The ground-breaking experiential trailer allows Harley-Davidson enthusiasts the opportunity to envisage their dream machine, with inspiration from more than 300 unpackaged products and a range of innovative, interactive features – some of which are only available in the H-D1 Custom Shop itself. These include a touch screen for fans to browse the official Genuine Parts & Accessories back-catalogues dating to 1917 and a second touch screen illustrating the difference Screamin’ Eagle performance enhancements can make to a standard motorcycle’s performance.


Other highlights include a complete Screamin’Eagle Pro Racing 120R engine display and an interactive tool for customers to personalise their own seat online and then order it through their local dealer, with no premium charged for the service.


The H-D1 Custom Shop is set to showcase the new-for-2013 Genuine Parts & Accessories collections, including the Hard Candy Custom paint range and Colour Shop Custom Paint, Burst Collection fixtures, and Boom! Audio – Harley-Davidson’s flagship sound components. These new ranges provide customers with the opportunity to enhance their bikes to get the perfect fit and style or develop performance and functionality.


Entry to the H-D1 Custom Shopis free and disabled access is available.


For more information about Harley-Davidson, visit www.harley-davidson.com.au

You can also follow Harley-Davidson on Facebook www.facebook.com/harleydavidsonau and Twitter twitter.com/harleyaustralia

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