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Zorro’s Australia is pleased to advice of the availability of the following accessories suitable for the New Indian Chief and Scout. It’s exciting times for the new Indian brand and Zorro’s are proud to be one of the first companies to offer you a choice for your new Indian Motorcycle accessories.

Item 1.  Vintage 1950 style front fender medallion for the Indian Scout. Investment cast here in Australia and supplied with gasket and screws this fender medallion offers that historic look to your new Scout. Not to be confused with the Chief fender lamp this medallion was used on the RE Indian’s from 1955 through to 1961. $199.95


Item 2. Vintage Style luggage rack for Indian Scout

Based on the 1940-1945 pattern luggage rack the rack bolts through the rear mudguard to give that authentic vintage look to your new Indian Scout. Craftsman made here in Australia and cast in Aluminium, the rack also features side saddlebag mounting points. $249.95


Item 3. Saddlebag mounting brackets for Zorro’s vintage rack.

This tried and tested system has been utilised for a number of years and has been engineered to specifically fit our vintage style rack system. Simply bolt the saddlebag brackets to the rack side mounting points with the supplied hardware. Any saddlebags can be utilised with this system and are simply bolted to the saddlebag carrier with the supplied bolts. $299.95

vint pann racks 

 Item 4. Saddlebag mounting system for 2014/2015 Indian Chief.

The proprietary Spools mount on the 2 rear fender mounting bolts much the same as the original Indian Chief System. When the saddlebags are removed you only see these 2 spools. This system enables you to use your saddlebags with a number of different bikes (subject to the same mounting hole spacing) it also facilitates a lock to secure your saddlebags to your bike. It does of course give you the option then of fitting any saddlebags you like from any manufacturer. $299.95


Item 5. Saddle mounting system for 2014/2015 Indian Scout. We can also offer this kit to mount on the rear fender bolts as per the original Indian system for the new Scout $299.95.

Item 6. Right hand long mirror stems for 1920’s 1930’s and 1940’s Indian motorcycle. Zorro’s now provide a Right hand mirror stem in either 150mm or 100mm lengths. This is the first time we are aware that these Right hand parts have been available as a replacement to the standard mirror which was only ever offered as a Left hand mirror. You can now use these right hand stems to better use your wing mirrors the long version considerably improves visbility and Zorro’s also provide a Left hand mirror in the long stem so you can match your mirrors Left and Right $69.95 per stem left and right long or short.


All these items are available direct from Zorro’s website www.zorros.net.au or ring Mark on 0433 106669 to place orders.

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