Zero Motorcycles Australia announces the arrival of the Zero range to Australia

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The team that re-launched MV Agusta to the market place in 2011 are now partnering with Zero

Motorcycles to deliver the first high performance, 100% electric motorcycle to the Australian public!


The development of the ‘Zero Motorcycles Australia Authorized Dealer Network’ aims to provide the full range of

ground breaking Zero products through a tightly focused network of trusted partners. Zero Motorcycles Australia

will provide committed sales and service to the Australian public from the following motorcycle retailers, with

more to be announced in the coming months:


Central Coast Cycles (New South Wales)

Mototecnic Performance Bikes (Victoria)

Moto Arena (Queensland)

Shearwater Motorcycles (Tasmania)


Zero Motorcycles Australia will be importing the full model range of ground breaking Zero products in power

configurations geared toward the performance orientated Australian market at the following National Ride Away


ZERO S 8.5 $20,490

ZERO S 11.4 $23,390

ZERO SR $25,490

ZERO DS 11.4 $23,490

ZERO FX 5.7 $19,490


Zero Motorcycles are a truly new value proposition: sleek, conceptual and aggressive. Our nostalgia for

motorcycling has been reconfigured by Zero and the visual aggression of the minimal chassis has been informed

by the search for a pure riding experience. Each motorcycle has been engineered in California (USA) and tested

in tough conditions similar to Australia. These motorcycles offer the premium experience of speed, emotion, and

acceleration, without the exhaustion of ongoing costs of ownership.

The flagship Zero SR has now reached exhilarating levels of consumer performance including 0-100kms in 3.3

seconds, up to 270kms city range, 144 Nm of torque and 67hp.

Never again replace the clutch, check the engine oil, adjust valve clearance, change filters, or replace spark

plugs. Petrol fumes will not hinder your experience and other regular maintenance items associated with ICE


bikes can be forgotten forever.

Zero Motorcycles Australia has landed the Zero Motorcycles range including the SR, S, DS and FX. Please visit

the Zero Motorcycles Australia website for additional information and contact your nearest Zero Motorcycles

Australia Authorized Dealer to book a test ride that will change your perception of performance electric vehicles.

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