Yamaha YZF-R3 Cup race series concept

Yamaha Motor Australia is planning to launch a one model race series aimed at attracting new riders to road racing. In order to kickstart this concept we seek serious expressions of interest.

The YZF-R3 race series concept is aimed at newcomers to the sport. The playing field is designed to be entirely level and all hassles normally associated with road racing are removed.

The race bike will be a modified YZF-R3. The Australian based Yamaha Racing Development team has developed a road race kit specially for this model that is designed to get the best out of the twin cylinder 321cc sports bike. The technical regulations are being developed by Motorcycling Australia in conjunction with Yamaha. Allowable modifications to the stock machine are minimal in order to keep costs down.

Yamaha plan to offer the bikes and kits as a package at a bargain price that would be well under the cost of building an R3 race bike separately.

Racers will contest a minimum of a five round series – as part of the ASBK winter 2016 series beginning in March – with practice, qualifying and three races over the event weekend.

Prizes will be provided for each age group commensurate with the level of expertise and achievement with the ultimate prize slated to be a brand new YZF-R6. Class PR will be managed by Yamaha and incentives will be provided for each riders team to wear Yamaha official team wear at events.

The race series is aimed at junior MX, dirt track and short circuit riders who want to try road racing but may be discouraged by the current expense of buying, building, and running a road racing machine.

Help us unearth the next Casey Stoner – but act now! If you are interested, please email YRD at yrd@bigpond.com ASAP.

Major benefits of the YZF-R3 race series
 Low cost motorcycle, kit, accessories, consumables and spare parts
 Level playing field with minimal mods allowed
 Emphasis is firmly on racecraft and rider skills
 Reliable, well built, race capable YZF-R3 321cc twin cylinder base model

What the YRD R3 race kit will comprise of:
 Racing fibreglass bodywork set – uses OEM screen, includes bellypan oil catch tray and plugs
 Foot peg repositioning kit – allows nine positions for footpegs back and up from standard
 Range of rear sprockets – optional sizes to be provided to allow tuning for each circuit
 Racing exhaust system – Increased power while still conforming to applicable noise standards, lighter and provides better ground clearance.
 Pollution system removal plates
 Kit to reposition handlebars lower – Provides for a more crouched racing riding position in combination with the foot peg repositioning
 Crash protection – crash knobs, swing arm bobbins (stand pickups) engine case protection kit
 Fork and shock springs

PLEASE NOTE: YRD requires your input if this concept is to become a reality. If you are interested in competing in this series, don’t delay… contact YRD NOW. The series is in your hands. No response will mean no race series!

Race kitted R3

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