Walcha Vintage Motorcycle Touring Trophy for fun

Neil Weir says the Walcha Vintage and Classic Owners Motorcycle Club is holding its Vintage “Touring Trophy” Challenge on the weekend of Saturday 21-Sunday 22 November.

This tongue in cheek ride has nothing to with racing on the Isle of Man, but lots to do with riding your old beauty around the legendary roads in the Walcha area. Nowadays, Walcha is the heart of riding paradise, but Neil says it was once a challenge just to ride up there.

This is not the kind of event that is traditionally won by those with deep pockets, but an invitation to all vintage bike owners and clubs to take part in a fun event. You can trailer your bike to Walcha to take part, if you wish.

Neil suggests you pre-register to avoid a queue on the opening morning.

The route is a secret and maps will be handed out half-an-hour prior to the event. There will be a Le Mans start this year, with the row of bikes arranged in handicap order – slowest/oldest at the far end of the row! There is a point score system that takes into account the combined age of the motorcycle and its rider and there will be checkpoints along the route. You can mount a two-person team too. This invitation goes out to all Vintage and Classic Bike Clubs.

The organisers have arranged a sweep trailer in case your beautifully prepped bike lets you down but Neil advises you to be self-sufficient on the day and bring your own toolkit!

This is a genteel event that stops for lunch, where food will be available.

There will be a smorgasbord at the local Bowls Club on the Saturday night.

Walcha has a year-long calendar of events, including their upcoming Fly-in Open Day spectacular at the Aero Club on November 7.

On the same weekend as the Vintage Bike Challenge, there is a Farmers Market and Trash & Treasure event.

There will be plenty of great bikes to eyeball and Walcha has a top notch array of accommodation from caravans, motels to friendly pubs and guesthouses. Refer to our advertisers in Australian Motorcyclist, and tell them we sent you.

Contact Neil Weir via email to pre-register: neil.weir2@gmail.com.

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