Victoria Announces the Introduction of Motorcycle Lane Filtering

The Victorian Motorcycle Council (VMC) applauds today’s (29/09/15) announcement by the Victorian Government confirming the introduction of motorcycle lane filtering and ending the legal ambiguity surrounding it.

The VMC fully endorses motorcycles and scooters safely filtering through stationary and slow moving lines of traffic and welcomes the 2nd November implementation date.

Victorian motorcyclists have long campaigned for the safety benefits of lane filtering. The 2011 Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety confirmed that motorcycle lane filtering fundamentally improves rider safety. It reduces the risk of a nose-to-tail collision; the leading cause of rider hospitalisation in metropolitan Melbourne. Furthermore, filtering can significantly reduce peak hour congestion.

All road users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists alike) are called upon to share the roads responsibly and to take extra care during the implementation phase as filtering moves towards becoming an accepted and established practice.

The VMC acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government and its agencies in engaging and working closely with riders and the riding community to introduce filtering on Victorian roads to the benefit of all road users.

Road Safety is a shared responsibility between all road users.

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