TransTerra 2017 Tasmania Adventure Ride “The Lap of Tassie”

Ask any motorcyclist what their favourite location to go riding in Australia is and you will often hear “Tasmania”. The land that is full of twists and turns, proper mountain passes, delicious food, ancient forests and stunning scenery. On 21-27 October 2017 Maschine will take riders on six days of the best adventure riding in Tassie that will be etched in their memory banks for years to come.

The ride will not only take you to many of the iconic sights you may be familiar with, but with the help of some expert local knowledge, you will uncover some of those hidden gems that are not so easy to find. As an adventure rider, you’ve probably already heard of Jacobs Ladder, the Western Explorer and the magnificent trails of the north-east. All these locations rightly hold a place on any bucket list ride of the Apple Isle.

Tassie is renown for it’s glorious bitumen roads and you will certainly take in some of these but the focus will be on the off-road stuff. This six-day ride will be roughly 75% off-road with some choice bits of bitumen linking sections up. In fact it’s rather hard to find a straight section of road in Tassie!

With entries open for up to 100 riders to attend, the social atmosphere is one of the most loved aspects of Maschine TransTerra events. You will always find someone riding at a similar pace
as you out on the trails and at night you can share a beer and many laughs about the day. Riders often come away from TransTerra events with a whole new bunch of riding buddies.

The all-inclusive 6 day/7 night package includes:
• Pre-planned routes for six days of the best adventure riding in Tasmania with adventure
routes suitable for all riders and harder enduro options for those riders that want to
spice it up!
• 7 nights accommodation in a mix of hotels, motels, lodges, resorts and holiday parks
with a choice of a twin share or single rooms
• Breakfast and dinner included each day (7x dinners, 6x breakfasts)
• Routes provided as GPS file, arrow markers and printed route sheets
• Luggage, technical, first aid, tyre and sweep support
• National Parks Passes
• Assistance with booking ferry passage on Spirit Of Tasmania or freight your bike and fly
• Riders on any brand of adventure bike are welcome with a maximum group size of 100

Maschine are experienced with delivering world-class adventure rides & training and have built a loyal following for their events that create riding experiences beyond your imagination, all with a personal touch. Maschine events are fully supported and open to riders on all brands of motorcycles so you can share the adventures with all your mates.

“Ah Tassie. I love going down there. We just came back from doing the recce ride and found some awesome new tracks to throw riders at. We had some locals helping us find tracks, which
we are so thankful for. We rode through ancient forests with trees that look like they are straight out of Jurassic Park, amazing twisty bitumen and some nice challenging off-road riding. Our last event in Tasmania was the largest we have ever organised so it’s clearly popular with many riders.” commented Nick Selleck from Maschine, highlighting how popular the island state is for adventure riders.

Bookings are open now with some early bird offers from Alpinestars and Motoz tyres so check out for all the event details and get yourself ready for a week of riding nirvana in October on the Apple Isle with Maschine.


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