The incredible SHARK experiment: Newton’s cradle revisited!

In terms of product demonstration, here is a stunning video!

Shark,  the  French  helmet  brand, just creates a buzz which totally takes place  in  the minds of its historic target. The spirit is excellent, funny and its unexpected end will make everybody laugh.

Everyone knows and experienced the Newton?s cradle: a perpetual motion created by five metal balls of same mass and suspended by two irons bars!

Shark recreates this physics experiment by changing some elements.

Indeed, it is not a ball but Race-R PRO Carbon and Speed-R equipped bikers who tried this amazing experience!

What was their purpose?

This is an opportunity to showcase SHARK?s philosophy: to design helmets absorbing energy faster thanks to a deformable cap, while protecting your head better ?with a lot of humor and pedagogy.

A good idea to feed the brand image and to demonstrate the product in a subtle way.

 «Helmets Extreme Experiment », discover it and share it –

With over 25-years experience, French brand SHARK has become one of the world’s leading helmet manufacturers. Founded by former professional racers, SHARK designs helmets that guarantee the highest levels of performance and exceed safety standards. SHARK’s ethos is continuous innovation that pushes technical boundaries so that each and every biker and racer can enjoy the freedom of riding in complete safety.

From its headquarters in Marseille and its own factories with over 600 employees, SHARK designs and markets new models every year, which are distributed by a network of over 5,000 sales outlets worldwide.”

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