Swann Insurance launches Virtual Reality Racing experience at the Michelin Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2016

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill your favourite rider’s experience as they tear around the circuit at the Michelin Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2016. Now you can with Swann Insurance, as they launch a virtual reality racing experience, Full Tilt, at the Michelin Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2016, 21-23 October in Phillip Island.

Swann Insurance is bringing the Phillip Island Circuit to life using an Interactive VR Motorcycle simulation. Fans will be given the chance to experience a hot lap of Phillip Island Circuit, as recorded by Matt Walters, Kawasaki affiliate, Prostock and FX-Superbike Champ.

Using the latest in virtual reality technology, fans will mount the bike rig and be transported from trackside to the starting line. From there, they will zoom down the Gardner Straight, around the Southern Loop, past Siberia and around Lukey Heights for the home stretch.

The challenge is to physically lean the bike into the corners, trying to stay in sync with the lean of the pro-rider, who set up the lap the fans will be experiencing. The more accurate the lean, the more points to be scored, and the higher your name will appear on the leader board.

“The Michelin Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2016 is the biggest date in every Australian Rider’s calendar and Swann Insurance are proud to act as the Official Insurer over the last six years. As riders ourselves, we are excited to bring this innovative technology to Phillip Island and give fans the opportunity to experience the circuit through the eyes of the riders,” said Rita Ibrahim, Swann Insurance Manager for Direct Distribution.
A team of world-class technologists, engineers, and 360 filmmakers have been collaborating for several months on Full Tilt. The result is something very special and will be a unique experience for motorcycle racing fans.

If you think you can keep up with the pros, visit the Swann Insurance Full Tilt booth in the exhibition area at the Philip Island Circuit. To book your spot on Full Tilt, visit www.swanninsurance.com.au/events/fulltilt

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