Street Cred to the MT range – The 2018 MT-07 and MT-09SP

YMA has released two new models that add further Street Cred to the MT range – The MT-07 and MT-09SP.


MT-07 is available in an LA version that has power maximised for the AUS LAMs market. And there is also a full power 689cc version which will be in dealers from next week (MT-07HO).

The new MT-07’s more mature body design retains the fundamental character of the previous model, and blends it with new elements that have been inspired by the MT-09 – such as the bolder headlight that gives a more imposing face. A newly designed fuel tank and MT-09 style ‘air intakes’ give a sharper image and reinforce the MT family look, while a new seat and separate black side panels accentuate the mass-forward design. Improved riding position For 2018 the MT-07 is equipped with a completely new seat design that gives an improved riding position for riders of all sizes.

The front of the new seat now extends to the sides of the rear of the fuel tank, giving increased comfort – and the new shape also gives the 2018 model a more integrated profile. Refined front and rear suspension With 130mm travel at both the front and rear, the MT-07’s suspension system is designed to give comfortable, progressive and predictable performance, making it ideal for a wide range of riding conditions.

For 2018 the front forks are equipped with revised settings that give a sportier character, while the rear suspension is fitted with a new rebound damping adjuster that enables riders to set their bike up to suit their riding style and usage. Rear end gets new shock with rebound adjustment as well as a new MT family rear light CP2 crossplane engine with linear torque One of the key features of the MT-07 is its CP2 crossplane engine that produces strong, linear torque, making it a joy to ride in a wide range of conditions. The 2-cylinder engine’s 270-degree crank gives the MT-07 a pulsating driving force that sets this value for money middleweight apart from other models, and this unique facet of the bike’s character has helped to make the MT-07 the top selling motorcycle in its class.

MT-07 new for 2018 features
• Completely new body design for enhanced appearance • New style ‘air intakes’ • Redesigned front headlight • MT-09 style rear light • Revised seat shape for improve riding position • New sportier front fork settings • Rear shock with rebound damping adjuster

MT-07 technical highlights
• 689cc HO and 655cc LA models with 182kg wet weight • Liquid-cooled, inline twin cylinder 4-stroke • Crossplane philosophy design with 270-degree crank • Deep and powerful linear torque output • Outstanding fuel efficiency • Low dry weight of only 164kg • Slim and compact tubular backbone frame • Agile, manoeuvrable and easy to handle • Mass-forward design with sculpted bodywork • Lightweight 10-spoke cast aluminium wheels • Digital instrumentation with full LED display • Dual 282mm front discs with 4-pot caliper.

18 mt07

New MT-09SP arrives

Featuring a high standard specification that includes Öhlins equipment as well as dedicated colouring and unique finishing, the radical new MT-09SP builds on the significant strengths of the MT brand, and takes the Street Cred riding experience to a new extreme.

New Öhlins remotely adjustable rear shock Öhlins and Yamaha have been working closely together on a range of projects for many years, and the two brands have much in common. Each company shares a total commitment to performance, and both brands are recognised as being the leading innovators in their own respective fields.

In order to give Street Cred riders even greater possibilities to explore the outstanding performance of the triple cylinder torque-rich crossplane engine, Yamaha’s designers have specified an Öhlins rear shock absorber for the new MT-09SP. This premium rear suspension system offers higher levels of adjustability via an easily accessible remote adjuster, allowing riders to fine tune their settings and achieve class-leading handling performance and enhanced controllability. MT-09SP owners also have the possibility to fine-tune their suspension set up with a range of optional Öhlins rear springs that are available in a range of different rates from the Genuine Yamaha accessories line-up. By fitting an optional rear spring that matches their riding style and weight, every owner can create their ultimate suspension system. Both KYB fork legs can be adjusted for rebound and compression damping

New adjustable front forks, both the MT-09 and MT-09SP are fitted with Kayaba front forks. The standard MT-09 has adjustable front forks where one leg is for rebound and the other is for compression. The MT-09SP has adjustable front forks where both legs can be adjusted for rebound and compression damping, and this difference allows more fine-tuning of the front suspension settings.

Special MT-10 SP style colour scheme To complement its premium specification, the MT-09SP is finished in an exclusive Silver Blu Carbon colour scheme that matches the design featured on the MT-10 SP. The fuel tank features silver sides with blue upper sections, and has a stylish MT-09SP water transfer graphic on each side, as well as a 3D Yamaha tuning fork logo. The headlight cowl and seat cowl are painted silver, while the front fender has a blue/black finish with SP graphics. To complete the exclusive SP look the lightweight 10-spoke wheels are finished in blue – just like the MT-10 SP – and the wheels feature MT-09SP graphics.

The SP theme is continued in the seat, which features distinctive blue stitching that complements the tank and wheels. Black handlebars, levers and crown The high quality feel and exclusive looks of the MT-09SP are complemented by the use of black handlebars, black control levers and a black handlebar crown. Special LCD instrument panel Unlike most other bikes in the class, the MT-09SP’s special LCD instrument panel displays white information against a black background, giving higher levels of clarity during daytime riding. As well as its practical advantages, this high quality panel refines this class-leading motorcycle’s impressive appearance.

MT-09SP exclusive features

• New Öhlins remotely adjustable rear shock • Fully adjustable front forks with rebound and compression damping • Exclusive MT-10SP inspired Silver Blu Carbon colour scheme • Blue stitched seams on seat • Blue wheels with SP graphics • Class-leading handling performance • Black handlebar controls and instruments

MT-09 SP technical highlights

• 847cc, 115hp, 193kg wet • Torque-rich CP3, 847cc, 3-cylinder crossplane engine • Quick Shift System for clutchless upshifts (QSS) • Assist and Slipper clutch (A&S) • D-MODE adjustable engine character • Lightweight aluminium frame and swing arm • Aggressive LED twin-eye headlights • Switchable Traction Control System (TCS) • Swingarm mounted licence plate holder • LED position lights

mt09 sp


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