SNR – Saturday Night Riders

 213 Parramatta Rd, Five Dock NSW,
Australia 2046

Company Domain: SaturdayNightRiders

Description: Saturday Night Riders is a group hosting rides to give motorcyclists the opportunity to safely enjoy their Saturday Day/Nights.

We are a friendly bunch of riders, and that friendly atmosphere is extended to this group: intelligent debate conducted in a civil manner is strongly encouraged; aggression, insulting and/or threatening members is not tolerated and will result in an instant ban.

If you’re linked to a motorcycle-related business and wish to promote it, gain approval from the SNR administrators first; else, a ban and removal from the group may result.

Everyone, including learner and provisional riders, is welcome to attend our rides around Sydney’s landmarks.

First point: At Shell Five Dock 7:30pm, leaving at 8:00pm sharp.

Location: 213 Parramatta Rd, Five Dock NSW 2046, Australia

(This maybe different per event)

**(Please note: at 6:00pm, there will be an announcement if the weather is bad)**

Rides will be posted on the Friday before the ride (ride routes welcome). If you have two wheels, you are welcome!

This ride has corner marking to ensure no-one is lost. More details, and the group’s ride rules, can be found here:

At the beginning, the Ride Leader and the Last Rider (Tail End Charlie) will be pointed out.

(When corner marking, please do not remove your helmet while waiting for the TEC.)

This is a learner-friendly ride, which means stick to the left, no dangerous riding. If you want to overtake, do so legally in the right hand lane. Do not overtake in the same lane.

Please ensure before riding with us:

– use clear (not tinted) visors on this ride

– your licence is valid

– your motorcycle is registered

– you’re licensed to ride the motorcycle which you’re on

– if you’re a learner or provisional rider, you display your plates

– obey all speed limits and road rules

– obey legal alcohol limits

As with every time you get on your bike and come riding with SNR, please remember that you are riding at your own risk and we cannot take any responsibility.

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