Robbie Maddison gears up for Red Bull Billy Cart

In just under one month, teams from around Australia will marshal at Centennial Parklands, Sydney, for the highly anticipated 2015 Red Bull Billy Cart. To heighten the excitement for the day, motocross stunt rider, Robbie Maddison, has signed up to take part as the judge of this epic event.

On 15th November, some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, will go head-to-head with some of the nation’s favourite servo snacks (like the Meat Pie and Chiko Roll) amongst other competitors in an epic battle of speed, showmanship and design. While each team will take their chances to tackle the purpose built race track, complete with launch ramps and obstacles, only three winning teams will walk away with their cut of $35,000.

On the day, tens of thousands of people will line the fences eager to see the final masterpieces in motion, as the bespoke, non-motorised machines ‘fly’ down Loch Avenue at Centennial Parklands. Spectators of all ages are encouraged to come watch the spills, thrills and hilarity as entrants not only race, but also dance for their glory.

Daredevil Maddison will have the hard task of judging teams on the day. While speed is a key player and the fastest one across the finish line will receive a big score, Madison’s main challenge will be pulling out the most creative, and the strongest in the field of showmanship. On the day he’ll be looking for personality, razzle-dazzle and a stand out vehicle design.

After thousands of applications packs were requested from Red Bull Billy Cart HQ, hopeful teams planned, plotted and sketched prototypes that would win them the race. Of the submissions, a mere 60 lucky teams were chosen to take part and have spent the last 7 weeks building their Billy Cart beasts.

Competitors on the day will include a range of everyday Aussies; from an experienced formula 3000 driver (Matt Grogan), to a renowned motorsport commentator (Greg Rust), to a father daughter team, or a crew all over the age of 50. Entrants of every age, skill and ability are almost ready to roll. So grab your pals and picnic rugs, and head down to Centennial Parklands from 11am to witness the glory of Red Bull Billy Cart.


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